Them, and Reality

So we have this post by Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign and the Million Mom March.

And for me, there is another obvious conclusion. The way to make sure that crime guns found in one state don’t come from another state is to pass national gun laws for the sake of consistency and public safety. There is strong resistance to these simple measures by the gun lobby. Why? When we know there are things that work, we should apply them anyway, even against strong resistance. Doing the right thing can save lives. Elected leaders- are you listening?

And then reality

Police scoured Boston for clues and suspects Tuesday after four people, including a toddler, were fatally shot overnight in a brutal crime that carried tones of an execution and shook up an already troubled neighborhood.

Some of the victims were apparently dragged from a house and killed in the street, a neighborhood activist said. A neighbor reported seeing two naked bodies. A fifth victim was hospitalized and not expected to survive, police said.

I strongly suspect this is a Gang-land killing. I’ll also bet my next paycheck that the killer or killers are convicted felons, do not have a Massachusetts LTC, nor was the gun they used legally acquired, or registered.

You see Joan talks about passing “Sensible” laws, but she will never show how they work. Why not? Because THEY DON’T! Massachusetts has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. It means its a pain in the ass for a lawful person to buy keep and bear arms, its impossible for a poor person, and it means the criminals who are armed to the teeth won’t have to worry about their prey fighting back.

We don’t have a “Gunshow Loophole” here. We have an “Assault Weapons Ban”, our permit is to OWN a gun, not just to carry, and that permit is may issue. All guns are required to be registered with the state.

And hey look, blood in the street. That’s not a metaphor or hyperbole, that’s 4 dead people and one critically wounded found on a Boston street. For the people interested only in guns and “Gun Death” while looking the other way as the gangs take control of the street, some of that blood flowing into the gutters here is on your hands.

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  1. Lissa says:

    “When we know there are things that work”

    One Joe Huffman Question, anyone??

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah they “Work”, even if you take the MAIG study at face value (you shouldn’t) it simply says “Guns (less than 50% recovered) are traveling from low-restriction states to more restrictive states.”

      What Joan ignores is of course the states where gun rights are less restrictive are enjoying the lowest crime levels in decades….while places like here in Massachusetts, or Illinois, or California, or New York, are experiencing MORE crime and death.

      So the laws appear to “work” if by “work” she means “kill people”

  2. Eck! says:

    Considering that tiny neighborhood has had 12 murders in 20 years and one unidentified witness made commnet that there used to be a code no women or children it reeks of gang/criminal.

  3. mike w. says:

    Wait, so her “logic” is that passing national gun laws (she means Federal of course) would suddenly stop black market interstate commerce of guns?

    Right…..and tons of illegal drugs aren’t moving up and down the I-95 corrodor every single day.

    She says “the laws work” yet she cannot show proof of such. Also, if they work so well then why do we need more?

  4. Bob S. says:

    Of course, this is the same lady who said:

    The only problem with your logic is that guns just happen to be the leading cause of homicide in the U.S. Other “weapons” or methods don’t come close.

    Not the violent thugs breaking into homes, raping, robbing and murdering people — nope, don’t blame a thinking human being.

    Blame an inanimate object –yeah, that’s some great logic there Joan.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I still have a dent in my forehead from smacking it when I read that.

      She questions our logic, when her logic applies that #1. Guns can be eliminated by laws (see also Drugs, abortion, low-flow shower heads, pirate DVDs) #2. Baring illogical stipulation #1 violent people intent on murder will not replace their tools with anything else.

      Again when guns were first banned in the UK (before black market supply chains could be built) the murder rate went UP….just knives were the #1 weapon…then I belive #2 was Boots. IIRC in England at least (Scotland has always preferred knives) Guns are back to #2 despite Joan’s dreams.

      Her scenario is an unhinged husband will decide to kill his wife…he’ll go into the closet for his shotgun….but won’t find it there. Look in the sock drawer for his pistol….but won’t find it there. Realizing his guns have been taken away he’ll calm down and take his wife out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.

      That’s a special kind of stupid.

  5. NightPaws says:

    If only someone as dogged as that woman would do something about gang violence or violence in general… Instead of focusing on violent people who need help, we get a focus solely on a tool that isn’t good or evil. Wow. The world makes so much sense! 😛

    • Weerd Beard says:

      The only issue with that is most stary-eyed hopey-changy types who get into helping addicts, gangs, molesters, or just the inner city impoverished tend to quickly lose their faith in humanity…if they don’t end up getting killed because of their skin color.

      Most “Progressives” want to see immediate action to their benefit, or they want to believe it happens, hence why they like standing on a street corner with signs (Doesn’t do anything, but they have room to pretend) or raising money for AIDS patients in Africa (They won’t be there to see the warlord spend the money on cars and guns), or in her case on gun control, Because she won’t go to Mattapan where those people were shot to see if the gangs are still able to get guns or not. But she can pretend the supply is drying up.

  6. Bubblehead Les says:

    So people in Mass. actually watched their neighbors being dragged out into the street and executed and did nothing? WTF, are you now living in Mexico? Brother, how far down does the Titanic have to sink before you get into a lifeboat and leave a Sinking Ship?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Depends on the neighborhood. In Boston if the forces dragging the people are the local gangs, yep, people will watch and maybe call 911 when its all done, but say “I didn’t see nuttin”

      If Police or Government try that in the gang lands they’ll protect their own.

      Also in Lilly-white liberal neighborhoods like Cambridge, Wellesley, Duxbury, ect, I imagine those people won’t put up much fuss at all.

      Now my home town, such behavior might get you shot. Same with where Jay lives.

      The upside for the Pols in fucking with our gun rights is there are less gun owners in Mass than a similar state. The down side for the Pols is the gunnies left feel pretty strongly about their rights, and they’re pretty pissed about things.

  7. Sailorcurt says:

    She supports national gun laws?

    Then I presume she was not opposed to the Thune amendment right? Funny, that’s not how I recall it.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      They support more restrictions on lawful people, and less action against criminals ALWAYS. Whatever we want for the good of the nation and for society at large they are opposed to.

      Essentially they are the enemy

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