There Ought to be a Law!

Today’s “Gun Death” really shows how effective laws can be!

A 30-year-old Tulsa woman is the Payne County jail on a charge of first degree murder….Linda’s brother says he bought $750 worth of meth from Heather Gaddis before the family reunion. He says he, Linda, Rigsby and Phillips went to the lake and injected meth several times.

Then he says he and Linda helped each other inject meth into their necks and that’s where things went wrong.

Reports say she “began acting funny”, “shaking”, “saying she was cold,””talking like a child, not making any sense” and saying she couldn’t breathe.

He says his mother and her boyfriend told him not to worry, they “had seen this a hundred times” and she “needed to ride it out.”

He says they put Linda in the back of the suburban and mom went to bed and the brother went to charge his ankle monitor.

Reports say later, another of Doris’ children told them they thought Linda was dead but again, they said Linda was “over amped” and to let her “sleep it off.”

Her brother says he later checked on Linda and she “was purple” but their mother didn’t want to call 911 but would take her to Stillwater, but they didn’t want to get caught with anything illegal in the truck, so they emptied out backpacks and other gear and reports say 45 minutes later, the mother and her boyfriend finally left the park with Linda.

Once in Stillwater, they pulled over at this gas station to get help, but when police arrived, Linda was already dead.

Ugly Case, but here we have a group of people addicted to an illegal drug. (I will note that whenever I go to buy decongestants for my allergies or if I have a cold I need to show ID at the pharmacy counter to help prevent cooking of meth) One of the family was being monitored by the police with an ankle bracelet.

All of this and the Meth and negligence is being ruled the murder weapon.

Why call for more laws when laws didn’t stop this death from happening?

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  1. Sailorcurt says:

    We obviously need to institute background checks before allowing anyone to purchase meth. That way criminals won’t be able to get it any more.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Also there should be mandatory training in IV injection before one person is allowed to inject drugs into another person’s neck.

      Amusing isn’t it? Somebody kills somebody with a gun and is charged with murder. (not let’s forget that 90% of the murders in America are Gang-land killings, and the person doing the killing is a felon and underage to posses a gun, and likely doesn’t have the proper permits, bill-of-sale et al for the gun) they want more gun laws, because if owning a gun was just as illegal as murder…..oh…

  2. Jake says:

    Oh, don’t even get me started on the whole “restrict decongestants to prevent people from cooking meth” idiocy. IIRC, not only hasn’t it made even a tiny dent, but the number of meth labs is still going up even with those draconian restrictions in place, and it makes it a real PITA for the majority who are both innocent and sick to get the medicine they need (I just had to deal with this stupidity, can you tell?).

    It never fails to amaze me how people can constantly fail to learn from simple observation that banning things doesn’t work.

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