Today We Remember

I’m really not going to put up a ton of pomp and circumstance here. I will just mention that most of us have the day off (not I, I’m heading into the lab for a short day of work) but while you enjoy the good weather, remember that we enjoy this day because people fought and gave their lives to preserve the American way of life.

There’s nothing I could type that could convey the thanks I have for that.

If you’d like to post a remembrance or a story in the comments, please feel free.

-Weer’d Beard

**Update, Nightpaws informs me of this. It sums my feelings up very well**

Image from here

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  1. NightPaws says:

    I really liked what Doc, a webcomic artist, tinkerer, and paintball airsmith posted for his strip today. I have NO idea how to insert pictures here and just finished dragging ten tons of stuff out of the truck after a 6 hour ride back home, so I’m not even really going to look at the moment.

    So just check out the link: Directly to this particular comic. to his comic in general.

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