Tune Out, Tune In, Night II

So I felt about the same tonight as I did last night, so I came home, took off my yucky work clothes (working in a lot of dusty crap today) took a hot shower, then watched The Incredible Petrified World. Very enjoyable. A deep sea adventure picture obviously written by somebody who’s exposure to the sea hasn’t gone far beyond a trip in a ferry boat. The Scientist was amazed by really basic things and totally unimpressed by some amazing discoveries. And lots of overlooking of basic facts…like how the divers all exit the diving bell from the TOP, yet the bell stays dry, and if they think the undersea caverns might connect with the surface….where might that be as they were diving in the open ocean???

So now its time to tune in, to Vicious Circle which is again being broadcast live. Tune in, and enjoy!

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Um… Weerd, you’re supposed to IGNORE reality when watching anything from Hollywierd… 🙂

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