Useful Idiot

Ubu52 really is good for illustrating a point.

all food belongs to the government, essentially, as all “rights” come FROM the government.” BINGO! “Human Rights” do come from government. The UN is essentially a world governing body. That’s why “Human Rights” and “Natural Rights” are two different things.

American Mercenary took her out to the woodshed on that little doozie!

Here is a base truth; Government does not create, government meddles in the form of regulation and redistribution of human activity. If ubu52 cannot fathom that, then ubu52 will hopefully forget how to breath, or move to Tehran.

Go Read the Whole Thing!

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  1. Bob S. says:

    These people always confuse me.

    They say I have a “right to food”.
    Yet, the government has the power to take away my money (aka my food) to give to other people.

    So, I have a right to food the government can abridge at will? How much of a right do I have then?

  2. Linoge says:

    Like I said over at Joe’s, she seems to be somewhat inspirational for the pro-rights side of the house, so at least there is that…

    But that just contributes to her being a “useful idiot”, in every sense of the word.

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