What Do Laws Do?

It seems that so many of the anti-rights advocates seem to preach that if guns were banned or restricted less violent crime would occur. (This is politely assuming that they are cold blooded asshole who only care about “Gun Death” but we can’t rule that out)

So the premise is that if owning a gun was as illegal as murder people wouldn’t murder?

This is the same stupid dichotomy where “Progressives” in Tennessee bitched about the ban on carry where alcohol was sold was repealed. People talked about “Drunks with guns” despite the law still making it illegal to drink while carrying.

Again, if the law that keeps people out of restaurants works, why would they suddenly disobey the new law that allows them in, but bans them from drinking?

Look either people obey the law or they don’t. Well that isn’t exactly true, given that people may speed, or smoke a joint, or fail to disclose some cash income on their tax forms, but maybe they don’t rape, assault or murder. That’s easily explained, as violent crime is most often punished with stricter sentencing guidelines.

So even with THIS theory in place, its still a lesser crime to illegally posses or carry a gun than it is to murder or assault.

Maybe there’s a reason why they refuse to talk with people who disagree with them

Thankfully that’s also why we’re winning this war.

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  1. JD says:

    Progressives/Liberals always think “more laws/regulation” are the answer to everything…They are wrong.

  2. Linoge says:

    Coincidentally, care to take a guess at the number of bars that were running with blood, the number of blood-splattered bloomin’ onions, or the number of restaurant/bar-related shootings ever since that law came into existance?

    If you guessed “none”, you would be correct.

    Of course, the anti-rights nuts are just slathering for one to happen, which should tell you all you need to know about them…

  3. Sendarius says:

    Nit Pick Alert:

    Of course, the anti-rights nuts are just slathering for one to happen…

    I think you mean slavering.

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