What if I’m not ready?

So MikeB302000 went off on some goofy personal attack of me over at Bob’s 9-11 memorial post Go read the whole thing, but feel free to skip the comments, they really pluck the bloom of the beauty of what Bob said. Breda has been attacked by Laci the Dog’s crazed owner. Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign seems to think Mike W. is so dangerous that if anybody reads what he wrote in her comments it could cause death, plague, blood, and locusts! And of course Jadegold is always finding ways to turn anything into an attack on Linoge….then I thought of this post by Robb

I should write a screenplay for a Terminator sequel where instead of the Machines coming back into the past, Paul Helmke goes into the future to try to explain to the resistance why they shouldn’t be using guns.

Which is damn funny, but wfgodbold’s response is even more telling:

How do you know he’s not a robot sent back in time by Skynet to disarm the resistance before it starts?

Well there it is! It seems that a handful of gunbloggers will be key players in the resistance against the machines, so Skynet sent back innefective activists to stop us! And Linoge is John Connor!

Train hard people, we must be ready for when Skynet Wakes! 😉

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  1. bluesun says:

    I’ll be a red shirt!

  2. Breda says:

    hey, Laci the dog thinks I’m pretty!

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