Why Gun Control Is Losing Ground

On the Florida School Board Shooting, seems the gun was legally purchased. Just can you believe it? The criminal didn’t follow the law and turn the gun in!

Still not only was this shooting a perfect example of how gun control actually works. Criminal ignores all laws, and the law-abiding people are forced to use improvised weapons (in this case a purse) and begging and pleading. (Again I’ll note the School Board Director showed the highest bravery at attempting to talk the man down, or at least focus his murderous rage on ONLY him, before said pleading happened.)

What’s great is the number of editorials that are coming in pointing out how foolish it is to not allow Florida residents (who are well known for being a very conceal carry friendly state) to carry inside school buildings. Especially since the ban on carry is to keep nutbags like this jerk from doing EXACTLY what he did. Worked good, didn’t it?

The same thing happened after Virginia Tech, People bought guns, people got their carry permits, and Concealed Carry Campus was thrust onto the national stage.

Compare that with Columbine, where there was calls to ban all kinds of guns, increase restrictions, and ban gun shows. Meanwhile the woman who knowingly bought the guns for her criminal underage boyfriends was never prosecuted!

Those were different times. I’m glad the big lie is being exposed!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Me too. The anti lies are crashing down around them. It is a wonderful thing to see. Maybe one day we will really see tolerance from their side. But that may just be wishful thinking. At least their numbers are shrinking and more and more fence sitter are waking up to the truth.

  2. You know I’m with you on gun control being completely useless, but this particular case doesn’t seem like the best example.

    The gun control obsessive will argue that this is why we need gun registration: when Duke won that felony conviction for stalking, they figure, a crossreferenced computer database should have emailed his local chief of police, telling him to go pick up the S&W M&P, serial#BFD4237 registered to Duke.

    _We_ know that gun registries are not very useful and significantly undermine the purpose of the Second Amendment, but that’s still how the antis process anecdotes like these.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      They will ALWAYS ask for more control. Also the only way they could have found this gun is if they knew his spesific gun (impossible ) or his spesific dealer and asked to do a record search of his purchases. And all that is worthless without a warrant because he could have always sold it.

      In the end any restrictions simply make our lives miserable, and possibly leave people t
      like the school board disarmed when danger comes for them, all for the trust of Monsters like duke.

      Yeah, no dice, fuck them.

      • Also the only way they could have found this gun is if they knew his spesific gun (impossible )…

        Right–that’s my point. To an anti, this scenario “proves” that we need a gun registration, because as it is right now, the justice system can’t just plug in the new felon’s name and get a list of the guns he legally owned. With a mandatory registration, they could do just that.

        Again, _we_ know perfectly well that a determined criminal could still have an illegal unregistered gun. And we also know that even if a registry could reduce crime, it’s too destructive to the point of the Second Amendment to be acceptable. But this is one of those rare cases in which an anti-gun talking point actually has some comprehensible relationship with the actual crime (unlike “gun show loophole” blather connected to Columbine, for example).

  3. Jake says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Elmo on this: the anti’s will surely seize upon this as an argument in support of national firearms registration, rather than an example of how gun control laws only effect the law-abiding.

    On another note, did anyone else notice how the report conveniently neglects to mention that, in addition to violating Florida law, the shooter also violated Federal law by not turning in the gun?

    Also, the school board director stayed surprisingly calm even when he was pleading for his life. He showed a very commendable amount of bravery and self-sacrifice while in a very bad situation.

  4. Pyrotek85 says:

    I wouldn’t count on seeing tolerance from their side, there are still racist and sexist people after all. Bigots are bigots. The key is making it ‘uncool’ to be anti-gun, like its no longer cool to be racist or sexist. The average person should look upon an anti-gunner with disgust.

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