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Why Don’t they look at “Cord Death”?

Seems that’s a pretty fruitful search term for the “Gun Death?” posts. Robert Cook, 52, was staying with his ex-wife, Judy Clay, 60, in Loganville when the two fought and Cook strangled her with an electrical cord, said Walton County … Continue reading

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More from OCR

Wow I’ve never even played this game, but this remix rocks so hard I gotta share! Artist Page here, I just downloaded a bunch of his songs and they rule! FYI I keep hearing this stuff on Rainwave internet radio. … Continue reading

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More to Groove On!

Another Damn good remix from OC Remix I’m a big fan of this artist too, here’s his OCR Page Also I’ll point out that That the Game Deus Ex was one of the best blends of an RPG and a … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Kermit

Kermit in the Comments People like the Brady Bunch and the Joyce Foundation aren’t concerned with self-defense. They’re not concerned with guns. They don’t care about killing, justified or otherwise. They “care” about victims of crime, because it suits their … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Stabbing

Remember if Guns are banned life will be so much safer! A Toledo man pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to the murder of a University of Toledo student in July. Lawrence James, 25, admitting stabbing 22-year-old Casey Bucher on July 18 … Continue reading

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And What’s Wrong With Killing?

So The Joyce Shill is going into hysterics that Utah has made the M1911 pistol their state firearm. Given that it is one of the most popular handguns in the world, even 100 years after its invention, and it was … Continue reading

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Remember to Tune in!

I just picked up a Busch beer 40 for the evening. What could warrant such an occasion? Why Vicious Circle Live, of course, I’m really digging on this week’s topics. Tune in, and bring your Duck Tape! 😀

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Words Fail Me

I was going to do a Fisking or just a commentary, but man its just too pathetic to even discuss in a single blog post. I’ll just say go read the whole thing, Joan Peterson has totally gone off the … Continue reading

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TGIF Get your SMB Groove On

Came across this song recently. I need to check out the artist’s other stuff So groove out SMB-style!!!

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Shotgun Ballistics

OK I’m at critical mass on this nonsense. First let’s show some exhibits, those who are sensitive to ballistics may want to look away…and hell I’ll put up the page break for the sqeemish:

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