Another Good Show!

In case you didn’t know JP556 has done Episode 2 of the Empty Mags Podcast.

Looks like he’s hammered out many of the technical problems (you sound great in this one, maybe you should listen to Eric from the Handgun Podcast when he advises people not to go crazy with mic quality that will pick up every dog in your neighborhood barking….or Dennis’ Cockatiel as heard on last week’s VC)

He talks about his S&W Bodyguard .380, as well as cross-eye dominance.

I really enjoyed the eye dominance part a lot, I may try putting some tape on my shooting glasses to see if that does help things along.

For handgun shooting being cross-eye dominant (ie I’m right handed but my left eye is the eye that sees clearly over the sights) is simple, just rotate your strong hand over a half-degree into your body, the gun will be right under your weak-side eye, and you can easily form a two-eye sight picture.

For rifles and shotguns I’ve found two-eye shooting to be a major problem with iron sights. (Using a holographic optic like JP’s Eotech is fine because both eyes will see the point-of-aim, and using a scope only one eye will be able to visualize the reticle) but when I shoulder a rifle or a shotgun with both eyes open, I CLEARLY see the WRONG front post or bead. I thought this might be easier with an aperture sight but it isn’t, the front sight as seen from an angle with my left eye is the clear one.

Right now for quick acquisition combat-type long-gun shooting, or when I’m shooting sporting clays I mount and sight the target with both eyes for a wider field of view and then close my left eye so I can visualize a clean sight picture before initiating my trigger squeeze.

I got one complaint JP, TOO SHORT! Dude I enjoyed every minute of it, but it was just over before I knew it! Maybe add one more topic to fill it out?

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  1. JP says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    RE: Cross dominance! I feel your pain! As I said — cowitnessing Eotech with Irons has really helped. After a while, I’ve just gotten used to sighting with the right eye. Seeing the red dot only with my week eye initially told me which eye to use. Now I can remove the dot from the equation and it works out just fine, normally. Sometimes I lapse back to my left eye trying to control.

    As for the length. That’s a tough one. Some people want quick little casts that will fill their 20 minute commute. Some people get bored with 1hour+ shows.

    On the other hand, some folks are opposite. I’m trying to find a happy medium. As time goes on I’m sure they’ll start to get a little longer. I had thought about adding a third topic to this one but when I lost all my data the first go around (still no idea how the crap I lost my data and my backups? not they are going on the ‘cloud’ too) I just didn’t have the time to add something I didn’t really have planned out.

  2. Braden Lynch says:

    The second show was also very good and the sound quality improved.
    Sorry about the lost files!

    It’s your show, so do the length that you like. I’m partial to a shorter show, just because I listen to so many. I think of the “Bevity is the soul of wit” quote.

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