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I’m starting to think this woman was murdered and dumped in the pool.

The mayor of Fall River says “that health inspectors from the City visited the pool on Monday and on Tuesday and inspected the facilities,” which was during the time that body was believed to be in the water.

It would be a stretch, but you MIGHT be able to convince me that after the pool closed the lifeguards lit up a joint and skipped out on their evening maintenance and cleaning duties, and missed the fact that their was a dead woman on the bottom of the pool. But the HEALTH inspectors? I’d imagine these guys are looking for gross things like poop and dirt, let alone corpses. I think they’d notice if the pool hadn’t been cleaned in a few days and there was a good bit of sand on the bottom, let alone a dead woman. Also:

-She was a dark skinned woman. That means she’d stand out better against the light colored pool than us Crackers.

-She had 3 kids at home, and a long-time boyfriend, yet nobody called the cops when she didn’t come home?

-Supposedly she didn’t know how to swim and had taken a young boy to the pool where she accidentally slipped down a water slide. Kid didn’t pitch a fit when he was all alone? Kid didn’t feel the need to point out the helpless guardian at the bottom of the pool?

If I had to speculate I suspect she was a victim of domestic violence and was dumped.

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