Blog Biology Roundup

Saw some cool animal stuffs on the blogs today, Thought I’d pile them up for all to enjoy.

First is from Bluesun he asks if Ostrich Chicks are Cute or ugly.

I say “cute”, but I gots a thing for baby birds! Still Emu Chicks blow their doors off in the cute department!

I don’t know how to imbed this next one from Bluesun, but go over and watch this, trust me, its the best of the lot!

And from Pissed comes this impressive video.

Those Mantas can get FUCKING HUGE, those actually look quite small. Be need to see one with a 15′ wingspan breech like that. I’ve seen whales breach, as well as Basking Sharks, and seeing something THAT big pull itself out of the water is AMAZING!

And in closing I’ll end on some crass animal humor. First from Pissed. LOL!

Then from Old Windways.

Good stuff there!

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  1. McThag says:

    Did you see the remora saying, “screw this!” and letting go in mid-air?

  2. bluesun says:

    Ok, I say the Ostriches are ugly, and the Emu’s are cute.

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