Another Gun Control Sucess Story

In one of the most restrictive gun states we still read stories like this.

Authorities say a Newark man has been arrested in the death of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son, who was shot in the head.

Police and the Essex County prosecutor’s office say 27-year-old Wakir Bryant was arrested Friday evening on aggravated manslaughter charges in the death of Mikhy Robinson.

An official familiar with the investigation says Mikhy’s mother was asleep Friday morning and awoke to see her boyfriend holding the bleeding toddler and saying repeatedly: “I’m so sorry.”…Officials say Bryant has a lengthy criminal history, including weapons offenses. It was not immediately known whether Bryant had a lawyer. Bail has been set at $1 million, according to a statement issued by police and prosecutors.

It would appear that New Jersey is one of those states that allows felons to carry firearms, because I know a ton of law-abiding gun owners from the Garden State who cannot legally get a permit to carry. Also just BUYING guns in that state is a royal pain in the ass.

Well a pain in the ass if you aren’t a murderous criminal. This is what gun control looks like.

BTW this is another “Gun Death” the antis will cite when demanding more gun control. Does that sound like “Common Sense” to you?

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  1. Sean says:

    In twenty plus adult years as a NJ shooter, with three club memberships ad countless hours shooting target, clays, hunting and general plinking, long range shooting and the like, I met hundreds of other NJ firearms owners and safe, active shooters. Not a one ever got a carry permit. NBA/NFL star, wealthy friend of the Governor, no problem to get a CCW! Common man? Never! One handgun a month, magazine and accoutrements restrictions, carry a loaded mag in your pocket with no gun in sight and you’re guilty of an illegal CCW! Aargh! The violent crime and murder rate goes up and up and up….

    The last few months as a TX resident have been so refreshing! It’s nice to live in America for once.

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