Condensed Lies

You gotta love this new ad campaign from Students for Gun Free Schools

First they’re talking about Colleges…but do you see any of this shit in College? The kids look like high schoolers acting out a scene from middle school.

Either way It doesn’t looks like the only actor that is above 21 (the age where most states set for conceal carry). What they don’t talk about are all the 21+ Military Veterans returning from war and going to school on the GI bill. Nor do they consider the rights of the teacher and staff.

Also you can notice the video is silent at the blatant assault and disparity of force. The video is probably a bit more reactionary than needed…still a big dude was threatening to harm a smaller guy for nothing but sport, even when the little guy is doing his best to back down.

I guess Students for Gun Free Schools thinks he should “Be a Man” and take his licks and rely on the mercy of one who hurts others for sheer amusement?

I wonder if they’ll do one where a woman walking back to her dorm gets sexually assaulted and they show the HORROR of a woman defending her life and honor.

Also interesting that they show the fear and horror reaction of all the students of the kid defending himself, but everybody seems to be OK with a kid getting beat up just because a jock wants something to do.

They are ALWAYS on the side of the criminal!

Remember if it isn’t “Gun Violence” its good stuff, and fine to happen at school…just “Gun Violence” is bad!

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  1. Jack says:

    And in the interests of reasoned discourse they disable comments and ratings.
    Taking off the ratings is the real icing on the cake. It’s not enough that they don’t want people to respond, but they don’t even want to see the up/down vote.

    I think the portrayal of highschool/middleschool is appropriate. Note the words they don’t use: citizen, adult, university, college.

    Note the words they do use: gun lobby, school, student.

    It must really pain them that they had to put in “with concealed carry permits” into the ad.

    But this is also very illustrative of their thinking. The antis see ALL of society as children. Children that need to be guided and kept from the “sharp things”.

    And if some people have to take their lumps at the hands of bullies? Well, so be it.

    No Weer’d, Gun Free Schools thinks that guy should call a teacher(policeman) for help.

    Afterall, remember how in school both parties would get punished if a fight broke out?

    Really, elementary school is the Anti’s model of society.

  2. They should use some more real world examples to get their point across.

    Maybe do a reenactment of my senior year in college when, in the dorms, a girl was gang raped and then set on fire, to die three days later.

    Tag line? “Think of the horror if they had used a GUN.”

  3. Old NFO says:

    They don’t WANT discourse, they want it their way, because they are right… or something like that…

  4. D2k says:

    Did a quick look at their channel and realized it was created in 2009 they uploaded all of the videos in one day then did nothing else with the channel.
    I think that’s a fairly good indicator of the whole SGFS organization.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      WOW neat observation. I dunno why but several Joyce twitter feeds just linked that video, and that’s how I found it…pretty sad that the channel is that old and inactive.

      • Thirdpower says:

        Since they all follow eachother, when one ‘discovers’ something, they all retweet/copy it w/i a short time.

        For awhile, the Brady’s were running about 4 different twitter feeds for some good ol’ fashioned astroturfing and they would all make the same posts w/i seconds of eachother.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          They still do, there were 2-3 duplicates or near-duplicates of the post that lead me there.

          Its one thing about blogs commenting on the same issue, but we do these things call PARAGRAPHS and we shed unique light on each subject.

  5. Cargosquid says:

    And in real life….said bully might get a knife stuck in him….those are legal on campus.

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