When I read press releases by the Anti-Rights advocates who focus on guns I find something in common: Lots of quotes below the cut.

The Democrats gave it all to the NRA and received little in return. Remember the 65 Democratic House Members who wrote to Attorney General Holder in March, 2009 objecting to his comments supporting reinstatement of the 1994 restrictions on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips? Only 26 of them returned to the House. Of 50 key NRA-endorsed incumbent House Democrats, only 23 were reelected. As Professor Jeremy Mayer recently wrote in the Christian Science Monitor, “the NRA’s endorsement is about as useful to a Democrat as a duck decoy to a deer hunter.”

Dennis Henigan

Board members of the National Rifle Association and its affiliated organization the NRA Foundation, as well as the NRA’s lobbying division, have a financial interest in allowing the continued sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines like those used in the Arizona mass shooting according to a just-released investigation by the Washington, DC-based Center for Public Integrity (CPI).

Josh Sugermann

One can only wonder why the NRA wouldn’t be behind what the majority of gun owners feel are important pieces of legislation. Has the NRA become an organization of extremists, intent upon ignoring public safety for stubborn adherence to hard-line interpretations of the second amendment?

Baldr Odinson

The truth is, we haven’t really tried gun control. With a few exceptions, we have very few federal gun laws. That is by design of the NRA. Look no further than the gun lobby and it’s leaders for reasons why we can’t stop the daily shootings in our country.They are a self fulfilling organization. The more guns they convince the public are needed to protect against the supposed bogeymen on the streets, the more people will feel the need to buy their guns and that results in more sales of guns and more permits to carry, more classes for permit holders, more gun ranges, etc. Make no mistake, the NRA is a very clever group.

Joan Peterson

The NRA is working to gut the latest federal gun bill

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Press Release

It seems whenever I read a post by somebody against gun rights they all seem to talk about groups like the NRA as a boogyman that is out to cause total anarchy. Well first up the NRA is a Gun Rights Advocacy group. Its also a group I happen to be a member with, and frankly I think you should join too!. Its advocacy is at the behest of its members, and the board of directors is selected by the members. From listening to those who hate freedom one would think that the NRA is the end-all-be-all of gun rights. Really they aren’t. They are one of the oldest, and certainly the largest. But there are lots of other groups.
Second Amendment Foundation (I am also a member)
Second Amendment Sisters My wife and I have a family membership to their Massachusetts Chapter
Countless State Groups (I am a Member of GOAL)
And there is GOA Who I do not support and ask people not to join, (but if you wish you can google their name)

Now you’ll note all of those groups have open memberships, and all the above link (Save GOA for my personal political reasons) have buttons or instructions on how to join the group.

Now the quotes above? Who said them?
Dennis Henigan: Brady Campaign
Josh Sugermann: Violence Policy Center (Division of the Joyce Foundation)
Baldr Odinson: Cease Fire Oregon (Division of the Joyce Foundation)
Joan Peterson: Brady Campaign, also who is the Spokeswoman for Citizens for a Safer Minnesota (a Division of the Joyce Foundation)
And the Mayors Against Illegal Guns which is a Division of the Brady Campaign

Do you find that a bit eerie? It seems all the major voices for Gun Control in America all come from members of those two groups. The only odd-ball out there is the now Defunct American Hunters and Shooters (link goes to their wikipedia page because they have no webpage) But you’ll note their small members are all also workers for both the Joyce Foundation and/or the Brady Campaign. Also Their last President was working Directly for Senator Barack Obama to aid him to get elected President. I’ll also note that our President is a former Director of the Joyce Foundation.

You’ll also note that I listed a half-dozen organizations that have open membership, and I encourage everybody to link groups they’re members of in the comments. But how do you join the Joyce Foundation or the Brady Campaign? The board ask you to join. These are EXCLUSIVE groups and only accept outside donation of money.

Now the best part. Usually when people talk about conspiracies they’re talking about shadowy over-powerful groups that control vast amounts of power. This is just the opposite of reality. You see since the Anti-Gun lobby in America is such an exclusive and monolithic organization they can’t keep up with the ever growing grass-roots support for gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. The handful of people who pull the strings are running out of money and ideas, and there really isn’t any fresh blood to rejuvenate their aging stock.

When somebody calls support of the 2nd Amendment “Extremist” or a “Special Interest” it might be a smart idea to ask who pays their meal ticket. Seems while people like myself blog for free and PAY organizations to represent our interests, the people on the other side are only making the argument because its THEIR JOB!

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