Controversial Photo

Go over to Oleg’s and give this pic a good look over. See if you can see what I think is so controversial.

OK back? Checked it out? Wanna see what flipped me out?

Open Carry? Pishaw!
Inter-racial couple? Some of my best friends are of mis-matched races!
Inter-Racial Baby? Some of my favorite babies are members of the genetic hybrid super-race (wahhh???)
Left-handed shooter? I may be the ONLY gun blogger who isn’t left handed! 8)
Panera Bread? Well maybe a little, tho their salads and soups are good, and the wi-fi is free….

Nah What I don’t like are:

His: XD-with Thumb Safety. WHY? And Blackhawk SERPA holster. DON’T!

Her: Walther PK380. WHY??? (seriously there are a million better .380 guns than the Walther PK380 which is built off the P22 platform that has a bad reputation as well as design) and frankly for the same size and weight you can upgrade to a 9mm and likely with the locked-breech action you’d have on the Nine, you’ll have LESS felt recoil for a more powerful round! **UPDATE** Looks like the PK380 actually DOES use a Browning-style Short-recoil system rather than simple blowback. Still Unless this woman has a disability I can’t see, there is no way she can’t handle a 9mm of similar size, and with that she’ll get more power, and cheaper and better ammo.

And Flip-Flops. Don’t! Flip-flops are for putting around the house or yard. When you go out you should have footwear that allow you to fight or run!

Of course great picture, and I commend the family for their proactive step in their safety, as well as the safety of their lovely little girl. And I hope they don’t mind my picking of nits, as its just that. Really I just saw all those silly stereotypes and was having a chuckle, and then I noticed the nits. Carry on good people!

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  1. alcade says:

    You never wear flip flops out? What do you wear when you and the Mrs. go out for a nice evening?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      LOL I’m an LL Bean Comfort Mocs all the time!
      Just look at Me at the Gunnie Prom!

      (I do have a few pairs of dress shoes, but I didn’t feel like packing another set of shoes for just one night)

      I actually rarely wear flip-flops. I have a pair of Crocs for puttering around the yard or the armory. But anywhere else it the Comfort Mocs. They slip on just as easily as flip-flops, but you can run full-out in them, and if Teeth Need kicking, they’ll get kicked. And while I’d wear some more substantial boots for trail hiking or Bushwhacking, My feet feel fine after 4 Days of convention working/attending where you spend huge amounts of time on your feet! 🙂 (long response for a silly comment, I know!)

  2. Jake says:

    I may be the ONLY gun blogger who isn’t left handed!

    I’m ambidextrous, does that count? 🙂

    I don’t mind the thumb safety, but I agree on the .380 v. 9mm point – if you’re getting a pistol that size, why not go for the more generally effective round?

    Also, I’m in 100% agreement on the SERPA, and the flip-flops, for the same reasons.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Ambi AND a Kinsey 4! A Jake of All trades! 😉 (I kid!)

      I’m a Kinsey 4 of ambidexterity, I Tend to favor one hand over another, but its the hand I started doing that task with. I favor my right hand shooting a pistol, my left hand when shooting a bow. I’m also moderately dyslexic, and according to Mom I was born favoring my South-Paw, but later switched to the right. I’m also left-eye dominant which concurs with Mom’s observation.

      BTW not-to-mention the more effective round, 9x19mm is more common to find, cheaper to buy, and has a much wider range of ammo and bullet selection from practice to defensive ammo.

      Appears that the Walther is a locked-breech gun. Still Even if you just want to stick with Walther, why not get a PPS or P99 Compact which are both about the same size, but a MUCH more reasonable design.

      • Jack says:

        Yet another southpaw here.

        I use scissors and some other filing stuff better with my right hand here.

        That’s why I sometimes chuckle at the hate ambi-safeties for 1911’s get. Sure they’re not necessary if you’re right handed but for a leftie they’re kind of helpful.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Yeah or for gun-gamers who do weak hand drills. Still I can flick the safety on and off my 1911s with my left index finger when shooting weak hand. It isn’t pretty, nor fast, but it can be done. If I want pretty or fast I use my right hand!

          I’m one of those people who hate ambi-safties. They make the uber-slim M1911 fatter than it needs to be, and they break too easy. 1911 already has a LOT of failure points (albeit heavily tested and battle-proven failure points) I don’t like the idea of adding more.

  3. MattW says:

    Agreed on all the nits you are picking, especially the thumb safety on the XD as I am a XD owner myself. Also feel very strongly about the flip flops issue. I catch myself running to subway or the grocery store with flip flops and I always regret it.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Also if you’re carrying a gun don’t you understand you might be called to use it?

      Now I don’t go out with a slung rifle and Kevlar gear, but at least I should have footwear so I can run for cover or move-and-shoot, not to mention if I need to fight in the old fist-and-feet fashion.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I know something you do not know. I am not left-handed!

  5. MattW says:

    And funny enough I am a lefty in all things but guns. I think its because I am right eye dominant or some such thing.

  6. bredafallacy says:

    I’m not left-handed either.

  7. Patrick says:

    Not left handed either, though I am left-eye dominate.

    I didn’t even know you could get an XD with a manual safety. Mine doesn’t have it and I’m just fine with that… and it’s a .40.

    As for the caliber nit.. /shrug If that is what she wants to carry. At least she is doing so.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep Springer released a bunch of XDs with a thumb safety. They decided not to bother to date with the XDm series. Maybe because they don’t need one.

      S&W also sells their M&Ps with the thumb safety too. I guess you don’t need the Mass trigger on those, still the Mass trigger on the M&P isn’t all that bad IMHO…

  8. mike w. says:

    All the cool gunbloggers are left handed.

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