Culture of Fear

So Dennis Henigan, VP of the Brady Campaign has an interesting article up on the Huffington Post

The NRA is the most accomplished marketer of fear in American political life.

Really, Dennis? Tell me more!

There is, first, the fear of imminent violent attack. I’m not talking about a healthy concern for personal and family security. The NRA, and its gun industry patrons, need average Americans to believe that the threat of attack is constant and pervasive; that we are at serious risk all the time and everywhere we go.

Hmmm. May I counter with some blog quotes from one of your own organization?

Such is the way of gun deaths. They are sudden, unexpected and violent. They can happen to anyone. Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it won’t.


According to the gun lobby talking heads, there is no problem with this idea. After all, those law abiding citizens who own guns never cause problems so why not let them carry in public? The problem is, they are wrong. Law abiding citizens all over the country have accidentally discharged their guns and shot and injured or killed either themselves or others. Check out the Ohh Shoot blog if you don’t believe me.

Of course Dennis’ own website reads much the same. We must ban X gun, or X feature because they cause imminent harm to all around them. Hmmmm, so is the NRA peddling fear, or are you? I’ll carry a gun just to be on the safe side.

Next on Dennis’ list:

Second, there is the fear of government. The flip-side of all the NRA’s talk of freedom is that the government is an ever-present threat to our freedom. The NRA has long maintained that the Second Amendment is not primarily about allowing individuals to pursue hunting or the shooting sports, or even for personal self-defense, but rather to allow the armed citizenry to resist abuses of power by government officials.

You mean like the massacers at Ruby Ridge, and Waco Texas? How about “Project Gunwalker”?

Wanna get smaller, how about the gun confiscations in California? Happened in a few other states as well! Go have a look at the Brady Center’s supported legislation on “Assault Clips”, their laws have no grandfathering clauses. If such laws pass your magazines might become contraband for you to sell or transfer. Who’s peddling fear?

Third, the NRA never stops promoting the fear that government prohibition of guns is looming behind every attempt to impose restrictions on firearms.

That’s unreasonable? Name a gun restriction that the Brady Campaign, or their kissing cousin the Joyce Foundation HAVEN’T supported. Name an oppressive government regime they have claimed is “Too Far”. Hell show me a Joyce or Brady shill who’s willing to discuss and support WHY such a law would do anything good. Hell I’ll settle for one just willing to explain why they use the metric of “Gun Death”!

You’ll note that Dennis has a myriad of comments under his post, but he’ll never say anything himself. His post is copied from the Brady Center blog, which has no comments. Joan Peterson, and every other blogger who supports gun control and uses the term “Gun Death” moderates comments. They simply don’t want to be questioned. Why not? Well because they don’t want us to ask them if they think Heller v DC, or McDonald v Chicago is bad law (they supported upholding the bans), or asking for explanation on why 10 rounds in a magazine is OK, but 11 is bad. (The same can be said about why .50 caliber guns are a big deal, or what makes an “Assault Weapon” noteworthy)

Seems he doesn’t actually support any reason to say there is nothing to fear, and I’d say there’s good evidence to say that they are exactly that dangerous, just toothless now that their lies are exposed. Doesn’t mean we don’t get to lie down.

Oh and I should link this post by Bob I nice little point counterpoint about the Brady Campaign and Joyce Foundation spreading fear about conceal carry….and the whole non-issue it really is.

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  2. alcade says:

    Very nice article. Really, both the NRA and the BC have a hand in fear. One is the fear of overzealous govt and criminals, the other is gun deaths. Both really are what-if scenarios. For example, I consider myself rabidly pro gun for the aforementioned reasons yet my doors and windows are typically unlocked and the keys sit in my vehicles’ ignitions. The difference being that the NRA does not seek to force their beliefs (to own a gun) on others, while the BC does.

    This irrational fear of gun accidents often puzzles me. I live in the country and have a 25 yard range constructed in my back yard. When friends come over with their evil handguns and semi automatic assault weapon bullet hoses I don’t feel even a twinge of nervousness. What gives?

    I suppose it all boils down to the question “is freedom worth dying for?” I asked Joan this awhile back (never responded, go figure). Take for instance the Iraqis and Afghans, who brave the threat of suicide bombers to vote. Obviously they have made the decision that voting is a liberty worth dying over, if it comes to it. I suppose many anti-gunners would agree. Let’s throw in free speech, religion, due process, and all the other goodies.

    Then ask about the right to bear arms. “Preposterous!” “Extremist!” “Apples to Oranges!”

    Yet we are told that “gun deaths” cannot possibly be acceptable “collateral damage” for firearms liberties, and that we must work towards zero deaths at whatever the cost. I suppose the Iraqis could also work towards zero deaths at the poll booths as well: just stay home.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Great comment.

      Neat point on “Is Freedom Worth Dying For?” I would agree it is worth it.

      That being said, while the Anti-Rights cult claim we’ll be safer locked in the cage, they only seem to come up with some very dubious numbers to support that…and it seems those “Studies” are always internal ones.

      So really the true question is would you rather live in a dangerous world as a free human, or as a slave?

      • alcade says:

        When I was growing up, my mom was an ultra liberal gun hater and used to tell me “Nothing is worth dying for!” Now, if she had done a little bit of self reflection, I’m sure she’d have seen the fallacy in her argument. Ask any parent “Would you die for your children? Hypothetically if your kids were trapped in a fire and you could save them but would incur mortal injuries in the process, would you do it?” Of course they would. Now that we have established that there are, indeed, things worth dying over, we must find out just what is important to us.

        Those of the Brady ilk have obviously not thought of the question like this, or they frame it differently, as in the freedom from gun deaths.

        When in fact what they advocate is the freedom from liberty. If one has the slave mentality, this is an appealing concept.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          There are all sorts of logical disconnects that have squirmed their way into the modern urban left-leaning person.

          Like that a Mother will defend her children….but its not right for that mother to consider tools for that task. (Most won’t even consider a woman carrying a gun! They’ll think of women being Doctors, Lawyers, and the President, but never even consider Momma packing a pistol in case the Big Bad Wolf comes a callin’)

          I had a coworker who is anti-gun admit that there is nothing wrong with a woman beating a rapist to death to stop an assault….but its different if she shoots an attacker.

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