Day of Lame

SO at 4am I was woken up by the steam pipes banging like it was the end of the world. Generally this doesn’t happen at my place. I ran around checking radiators, trying to find a problem. Finally I looked at the furnace and found the steam chest was totally flooded.

I shut off the furnace and emptied the steam chest down to the proper level. I had a few theories. #1. The fill-valve is leaking #2. I topped off the boiler just before bed last night and maybe I was an idiot and forgot to shut the valve all the way.

Well given that its almost 3 now, and I haven’t seen the water level change anything but down (its cold today so the furnace has been running a good bit, and the air is dry) so I suspect it was #2, and I’m an idiot.

Also we got 4″ of snow today. SICK OF SNOW.

AND I had to go to work today. BOOOOO.

I can’t wait for the Blog Dinner, tonight!

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  1. alcade says:

    We run into sticking valves at work sometimes on our boiler. I open all the valves on our boiler once a shift in order to keep them from sticking.

    Might give it a try.

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