For My Homies in Buxton

Seems that old Bushmaster plant is gonna start making guns again.

No idea what they’re gonna make, or if it’ll be any good. I will say I’m always amused reading the “Made in Maine” stamp on a gun.

Maybe they’ll make some really cool things!

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  1. Wally says:

    This Homie knows what they are gonna make… Out of the chute it is going to be a very odd mix. An odd mix, like, oh, Allen’s Coffee Brandy and Bud Light 🙂

    • Weerd Beard says:

      OMG There’s tea ALL over my monitor! LOL!

      You think it’ll sell?

      As one of my friends who cooked up the first batch of that stuff said: “Its not as bad as I expected!” 8)

  2. I’m still surprised every time I look at my Henry and see “Made in New Jersey”.

    Maine-built guns at least make some _sense_. 😉

    • Weerd Beard says:

      There are a LOT of guns made behind the various iron curtains. I know DSA’s bitchen “Assault Weapons” are made in IL, as is everything on Springfield’s lineup, Kimber is in New York, A bunch in CT, I think there are more than a few in Cali.

      Most of them are just because the world wasn’t ALWAYS like this.

      • True ’nuff. Hell, the first successful revolver was made right here in north Jersey.

        I guess it’s less of a novelty for somebody who shares an Enemy State with Smith & Wesson. 😉

        • Weerd Beard says:

          I was aware of the Colt Paterson, but I assumed “Paterson” was a “Who” not a “Where”. I always assumed all of the Colts were made in Connecticut, just like all the Smiths have been made here in Mass.

          Learn something new every day. Today I learned not to bisect my penis with Deli Slicer! Tomorrow I go to the zoo!

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