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From WizardPC over at Unc’s about the cops inventing a problem to push a political agenda. They claim if people lawfully carry guns the cops will be slowed down in responding to an spree shooter on campus. Wiz responds:

Unless they have a policy of not allowing their officers to carry while not in uniform, they need to STFU.

If officer safety is so important, better to not mistake them for bad guys when they are not in uniform.

ZING! You see you can’t do that! Cops need to have exemptions from all the carry rules us civilians have, because they may need a gun to protect themselves!

Here in May Issue Massachusetts you’ll see the Local Chief will deny a permit to everybody who comes in his door asking for one…but his wife has a permit, his Brother has one. The guys he plays cards with on weekends, they all got permits.

They don’t want to be treated the same as the “little People”.

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  1. Jack says:

    That’s what happens when you give people discretionary powers over others.

    And it dovetails nicely with the “only ones” progressive dynamic. Where there’s the unwashed masses and then there’s the enlightened “governors”.

    Though sometimes May Issue isn’t corrupt enough.

    Like Cali

    Which is trying to go Shall Issue… if you’re an elected official. No training requirement either!

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