Give a Man Fish He’ll Eat for a Day

Teach a man to fish he’ll probably go back to his house and wait for you to bring him more fish.
Kevin posted this gem the other day.

Note these are the people we need to have our taxes raised for. And don’t go flashing the race card, there are plenty of trailer parks and high-rises filled with folks of EVERY color who won’t work because Big Daddy .Gov picks up the tab. And even better he’ll pick up the tab for your food, rent, but also your slot machines, lottery ticket, booze and smokes! You really only need cash to buy your drugs!

Maine was a little more strict than this, but if you asked around you could find a junkie on food stamps who’d be willing to sell you $50 worth of groceries for $25 in cash…maybe if you didn’t have a five you could talk him down to an even $20. Hell McDonalds added credit card readers in the last few years just so they could get food stamps.

And look, “I appreciate you paying for my rent and school, Judge Judy!”, sounds like a half-cocked ejaculation. I’m sure he thinks that money really just comes from the sky, and Judge Judy is just talkin’ tough. But he has no shame that he’s living on the dole, and ZERO shame at being caught misusing the funds.

But the kicker is Sugar-Momma, who I bet you thought was gonna take this asshole to the cleaners….she wasn’t paying her rent and got evicted…no shame in that. Sign a lease, and then feel no obligation to honor it?

These are people who can work, pay their rent and better their lives…they just chose not to. Frankly I can’t blame them. Bettering your life has its rewards, but it has its costs. Its MUCH easier just to lie back and let the .gov pick up the tab. Sure I bet the apartment their arguing over is a shithole. You get what you pay for…and what these assholes paid for is First month, and security deposit. And I bet there was a bunch of government-bought drugs to be had! Also he’s studying the saxophone! That, Wymns Studies, and Sanskrit are degrees that will all land you jobs that any high school graduate will get!

Shit like this doesn’t make me warm up much when I hear the “Progressives” say I need to pay more in taxes.

Fuck you! You’re taking my money and tossing off a bridge. I don’t think I want to give you any more. The Government is a junkie, but rather than borrowing your money to put some smack in its arm, its borrowing money to give cash to our most irresponsible and unproductive.

Seem fair to you?

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  1. MattW says:

    Like, +1, dig, recommend, or whatever other social media thingies I can use to get this out there. Bravo on the commentary, I completely agree.

  2. Lissa says:

    But I thought it was Pres Obama, not Judge Judy, who paid for our homes and pit gas in our cars etc.?

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Ain’t been “Fair” for Decades.

  4. Phssthpok says:

    First time she looked to the bailiff (after defendant admitted to receiving funds for rent and spending it on himself) I was CERTAIN she was going to have the dolt arrested for theft of government funds (or whatever their terminology is a Kalifornistan).

    Why she didn’t I’ll never know.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well given that California has been LOSING money probably since Reagan was governor, maybe longer, if they were going to jail people people for defrauding the government wouldn’t have anyplace to jail them (and how can you fine a welfare cheat?)

      Hell even if you were to just use them for biomass power generation, they’d have some serious storage problems for the ash alone!

  5. Jake says:

    “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Take his fish away and tell him he’s lucky just to be alive, and he’ll figure out how to catch another one for you to take tomorrow.
    – The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries, Maxim 21

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  6. alcade says:

    My socialist cousin from Chicago moved his girlfriend into town from Kalifornia a few years back. She’d lived there for over a year, and I asked if she’d found employment yet.

    “No, I’m still getting unemployment from California.”

    “But… you’ve lived in Illinois for over a year now.”

    “I know, they’ve got reaaal goood benefits in California!” she said appreciatively.

  7. Did anyone else notice the grammar of this supposed Junior in College?

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