Good News!

Barney Frank won’t be seeking re-election!

What’s really sad is it took him peacefully stepping down to end his rein. Some people rag on Barney for being a homosexual, I think that’s just a cheap shot given what a reprobate he is. I’m not really in a mood digging up all his walking the line between public servant and common criminal, as well as his very close relationships with convicted felons.

I’m glad to see you go Barney, you’re a disgusting man that makes me ashamed every time you stand up to represent America. Also the fact that you served as long as you did, with as many scandals and criminal endeavors as you did shows how brain-dead the Massachusetts electorate is, and how Gerrymandered (Yes, Congressman Frank’s district is the one that named the whole term) your district is.

You will NOT be missed, and whatever cancer that replaces you will be better than you ever were!

h/t Bells A Ringing, I heard it from you guys first!

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  1. Braden Lynch says:

    I have zero positive comments to direct towards him. Drunk on power, the scandals, the Fannie and Freddie debacle and its sequela…

    Good riddance! Has tarring and feathering ever gone out of fashion?

  2. bluesun says:

    News of MA senator broken to MA resident by Texas bloggers? What a world!

  3. Paul B. says:

    I’m happy to see him go, myself, but I’m not above taking a cheap shot as he goes. Will the state house still have hot and cold running congressional pages when he’s gone?
    The only thing Barney got right was his support for the fishing industry, even when the Obamallama bankrupted most of it. Thank God that Sen. Brown seems to be an even more ardent supporter, and the fishermen don’t even have to take their shirts off in order to get an appointment at his office.

  4. Bubblehead LES says:

    From the news story I saw, FrakenBarney is leaving because Mass has suffered a Population Decline, brought about, in part, due to the all the Stupid Legislation he has brought to bear on the VolksRepublik. So when they ReGerrymandered the Districts, guess who has to deal with a RINO Town in a Bad Economy. Being the Brave, Fearless Politician that he is, this rat is jumping ship because he’s scared he’ll lose.

    Ohio has a similar situation. It looks like “Dennis the Menace” Kucinich may be booted out due to redistricting, like “Viva LaRaza!” Gonzalez in Texas.

    Funny how all these Lifer Liberals are suddenly running away now that they have to compete in districts that they no longer have rigged, isn’t it?

  5. tommy says:

    Time to have a shot of Chevas to in celebration of all those who have gone before (emphasis there on “gone”)?

  6. Joe in PNG says:

    The really, really scary thing is that for each and every Barney, Sheila, Maxine, Nancy, and Corrine, there is an area of the country where at least 51%+ of the people in that area who think they are doing a great job.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      And again my sorrow and sadness that Barny is leaving under voluntary retirement rather than federal indictment…or at least because the voters decided a ham sandwich made for a better congressional representation than him.

  7. Firehand says:

    Whatever will we do?!? We won’t see his special brand of corruption and vice again for- well, MONTHS!

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