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This has been bouncing around a lot at Joan Peterson’s blog. Confiscation of guns. A few commenters and the Joyce/Brady shill have been dancing around it for a while, but now she up and said it.

I guess your definition of confiscation is different than mine. From the article you linked:” More than 160,000 handguns have been surrendered by their owners since new laws were introduced following the Dunblane massacre, the UK Government has revealed.”

Confiscate- ” To seize (private property) for the public treasury.
2. To seize by or as if by authority. See Synonyms at appropriate.
adj. (knf-skt, kn-fskt)
1. Seized by a government; appropriated.
2. Having lost property through confiscation.”

Gun owners in UK were compensated for their guns turned in though it took longer than they expected.

She said a similar, but slightly veiled thing about the New York and California SKS owners.

So there you have it, antis are against “Confiscation” so long as when they seize your property they give you “Fair compensation”.

Of course there also runs the lie, as there will NEVER be so much as “Fair Compensation” when an outright ban comes through, as suddenly firearms value becomes infinite. A real-world example can be found looking at transferable Machine Gun values. Just look at the prices on transferable Machine Guns here . An M16 or an Uzi in full auto doesn’t cost any considerable amount more to build than the semi-auto variant….but the cost can be as much as 10X or more. Why? Because when Reagan signed the Hughes Amendment the last civilian-legal Machine Guns were made. There are no more, and when one breaks or is destroyed, its gone from circulation. The value is supply and demand. When the supply is Zero, the price rises to infinity.

And of course all these people who didn’t “Voluntarily” turn in their guns were sent to prison for illegal possession of contraband.

I’ve said it before, the only thing these people care about is banning guns, and they will tell whatever lies they think we’ll buy to get closer and closer to that goal.

…and like their idols in the UK, when the guns are banned they’ll move to knives, and sporting equipment, and a total police state.

We must defeat them, for they are the enemies of freedom.

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  1. Jay G. says:

    Preach it, brother weerd.

    This, of course, goes hand-in-hand with registration. Confiscation is meaningless if you have no idea who has the guns, or how many they might have…

  2. George says:

    This is the equivalent argument of “It wasn’t rape because I gave a courtesy reach around, and I left a $20 on the bed.”

    • Braden Lynch says:

      …and when you are paid to do something vile (like she does for the gun control groups), it is not a stretch to call her what that makes her (a “floozy” is a much nicer name for it).

  3. So when can we stack up in front of Brady HQ, take it over, and set up our HQ?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      So long as we pay them what they think is fair.

      I’d say $1,000 for full property rights of the building. And if they protest or refuse to vacate, we can shoot them, of course.

  4. Jack says:

    So on her world the difference is that the State will toss you a few bucks?

    That the State is taking your property at gunpoint (huh imagine that wrinkle) isn’t a relevant point.

    Clearly they don’t have a problem with the State taking things just because they want it to.

  5. Wally says:

    if guns are banned, their commercial and compensatory value will be zero.

    Following you MG example, an AR15 is about $800. pre-86 M16 would be 10-15k today. A new M16 sells for about $800, but is worth far far less since nobody can buy them – they are worth only the sum of their parts (less the frame which meets the torch)

  6. Linoge says:

    So if the government were to demand that Joan surrender her house and her car to federal authorities, but they offered $100 for the former and $10 for the latter, she would not consider that a “confiscation”, and might actually go along with it?

    Good grief… there is a psychology student somewhere just salivating at the thought of turning her into a doctoral thesis…

    • alcade says:

      That kind of goes with the eminent domain abuses we’ve been seeing lately. I was talking with a liberal who thought it was fine and dandy if the govt came along and took one’s land because a corporation could build a mall and achieve a higher tax value. I asked him how he’d feel if he lived in the house his grandfather built, and then George Bush came along and had the land annexed so he could build a mansion on it. It would certainly be valued higher than his old house, and thus fit his criteria for eminent domain. That changed his tune.

      Same with guns. Until they are coming for something they like, it’s no big deal.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        That’s the big reason why they get so ass-hurt when we compare “gun death” and “Car Death”. Because they have cars!

        • dustydog says:

          Do people have a “right” to two kidneys, when there are people with greater need? Greedy capitalists, refusing to share your blood and bone marrow with politically important demographics.

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  13. mike w. says:

    It’s still Theft by force. If I don’t want to sell you something you want and your response is to steal it from me and send me a check in the mail later any bets on whether a crime has still been committed?

    “Compensation” doesn’t change the dynamics of that, it just makes it slightly less painful.

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