Great Rant

The Gun Geek has this little review up on his Norinco M14

Ho Hum, its a cheaper version of the Springfield M1A which is a gun I’m not terribly interested in either.

Still stick around for the political rant at the end. The bottom line is when somebody actually knows about guns the lies are as clear as day. Doesn’t matter if you’re American or Canadian or Serbian truth is truth.

Glad to hear some Canadians still have some fire in their bellies. Also love that accent!

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  1. 45er says:

    Not interested in a Norinco, but I skipped to the end per your note about that and… hehe.

  2. Kristopher says:

    The Norinco M-14 is actually a good forged rifle, and not a cast one like Springfield’s crap offering.

    Unfortunately, they don’t heat treat them properly, even though Norinco uses excellent steel.

    If you acquire an old Norinco, have a competent smith heat treat it for you, and you will have the equivalent of a TRW receiver.

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