Gun Control good Intentions

Remember my Audio-Fisk of Collin Goddard where he praised the work of Ceasefire Chicago and their use of Gang Intervention worker?

Something tells me its working as well in Chi-Town as it is in LA.

Yep, letting violent gang members out early from prison and cutting them a paycheck so they can go back on the streets with their old gangs. The claim by anti-rights people is that they’ll work to curb gang violence. The above report seems to say that its just releasing them into the wild with a paycheck to keep doing the violence that got them in the slam in the first place.

Good intentions of “Common Sense Gun Control” that results in more violent crime and criminal activities, and all on the tax payer’s dime!

Here’s a better solution, lock up and execute violent gang criminals. Take away the drugs and prostitution that gives them their black market money, and arm the lawful citizens with solid carry laws as well as castle doctrines and stand-your-ground laws so when the next thug tries to rape and murder them, they can Shoot first then call 911 later.

You know, something that would reduce all Violent crime, and make the streets safer for everybody….well everybody but violent gang members.

h/t Michael Graham

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