Gun Control Paradise

How’s that gun control working out for you England?

But when the persistent wart refused to disappear, he opted for the firepower of a 12-bore Beretta he claimed he had found under a hedge a few months earlier.

With firearms mostly banned, lunatics who think a shotgun is good for wart removal can just pick them up off the ground. That’s OK, the UK strong gun laws will take care of him, right?

After leaving Doncaster Magistrates’ Court with a suspended 16-week prison sentence, Murphy said: ‘I’m happy with that.

‘I know I could have gone to jail for up to 15 years for a firearms offence. My solicitor did a very good job. The best thing is that the wart has gone. It was giving me lot of trouble.

“Suspended Sentence” as in no time served. You see gun control laws are only for people doing good things, or wanting to buy or use guns for self defense and sport!

Murphy was also ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid community work and pay costs of £100.

Holy shit, England, That’ll teach him to straighten up and fly right!

Oh and this quote from Mr Evilwrench over at Uncle’s wins!

Jeez, you should see it over here where firearms aren’t prohibited; we have to gather up a wheelbarrow full of shotguns &c every time we want to mow. Interesting it took a few pints to build up his courage; girly boy, I just carve on mine with an xacto knife from time to time. Makes it feel better.

I had a few in my teens that I chopped off with a pocket knife, or nail clippers. After a few dozen amputations they decided to stop growing back. I guess I could have seen a dermatologist, but I had shit to do!

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  1. Reputo says:

    I believe the “wart” he is talking about would be a mole, or gopher, or some other rodent.

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