“Gun Death” Another Dead Baby

Ye Be warned.

A young mother is facing murder charges after the mummified body of her baby girl was found dead at a boarding school for troubled teens in eastern Shasta County…She told investigators she hid the pregnancy from everyone, including her boyfriend of three years. She originally told investigators the baby was stillborn, but later admitted that it lived about four days before dying.

Bradford said she thought about giving the baby up for adoption, but eventually decided against it. She admitted to neglecting the baby by not giving it any food or breast milk. She said she kept the baby in a vacant building on campus for those first four days and would check on it periodically while she still worked, visited her boyfriend and drove to Redding at least two times.

Bradford said she didn’t name the baby because she didn’t want to become attached to it.

Horrible even for a so-called “Troubled Teen”….except:

KRCR News Channel 7 has learned Bradford is a current employee of the Julian Youth Academy and lived in a dorm on the 250-acre property on Tintagel Lane.

Think about that, you send your troubled child off to a special school where hopefully they’ll get the help they need, and better their life…and they rub elbows with creatures like this when they get there? PLEASE!

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