Gunnie Workout

No, this isn’t some crazy run-and-gun workout, tho frankly those action shooting guys, and the people who take the Magpul Dynamic courses look like they burn some calories and cast off some sweat.

I just realized the elliptical we have has a lip on the control display wide enough to hold up my phone. I had an idea, boot up a LONG youtube video and watch while I pump the pedals.

Great video and it held my attention, and distracted me from the drudgery that is exercise for the sheer point of exercise (Its no coincidence I was at the best shape of my life when I worked on a Salmon Farm. The most “Exercise” you could have caught me doing that summer was lifting a 16oz Beer can to my lips, and I was PURE Muscle. Now in my 30s well those days are likely over…but at least I can hope to drop some pudge and fit into some of these pants I’ve outgrown…

BTW a fact I’ve shared before. I LOVE 1911s, and I’m carrying one right now, but I’m not a huge fan of the M1911 and M1911A1 pattern guns. I like my 1911s with upswept beavertails with the speed bump. Flat mainspring housings, skeletonized lightweight triggers, big contoured carry sights, 8-round bumpers sticking out of the well, extended safties and flared ejection ports. I’m also a HUGE fan of stainless.

I must say the only really “Traditional” things I like on my 1911s are Double Diamond grips, and no extended magazine wells.

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