“Gun Death” Another Stabbing

We all know that once guns are banned the people who use the made-up metric of “Gun Death” will start using “Knife Death”.

Lynchburg, VA – Lynchburg police arrested and charged 25-year-old Lakita Lashea Miller with voluntary manslaughter after they discovered a man stabbed at an apartment on Old Forest Road, a police news release states.

And can you imagine how much of a pain in the ass it would be if you had to jump through all the hoops to buy a knife that you need to to buy a gun. And of course look at what that’s done for “Gun Crime”.

Don’t cede an inch, these are not just the enemy of guns, they are the enemy of all freedom!

h/t Jake

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  1. Jake says:

    I haven’t seen any updates on this since I e-mailed you. Details are still very thin even ten days later, so we probably won’t hear anything more until it goes to trial.

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