Happy Coelacanth Day!

Too Cool!

Robin Stobbs, a coelacanth researcher in South Africa, informed me that an individual of the Indonesian coelacanth was filmed at the depth of 170 m, 17, at 8:30 am on May 30, 2006, off shore Buol, about 350 km west from Manado, Sulawesi Island, with a ROV operated by the Aquamarine Fukushima Survey team. This town is only a few miles (east) from where the Jago team saw two coelacanths in a cave near ToliToli. Two other coelacanths were seen on May 31, 2006, at Buol.

One of the reasons why I thought Marine Biology was one of the coolest fields out there. The ocean is so big, and so difficult to explore that there are HUGE things that people didn’t even realize were still around.

What’s really neat is the Fossil record Coelacanths were all small, and the ones alive today are HUGE. Neat stuff

Thanks Laura for tippin’ me off!

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  1. falnfenix says:

    i’m happy to share. 😀

    i really should have been a marine biologist. i wanted to be one, but for some reason never pursued it. right around the same time i wanted to be a paleontologist, and didn’t pursue that. i’m still kinda kicking myself for it…especially with the rediscovery of DINO FEESH.

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