“Gun Death” Band Hazing

I was a band geek through most of my School years and college…thankfully I never witnessed or had to deal with any of this shit.

The death of a Florida A&M University student who was a victim of hazing has been ruled a homicide…The Orange County Medical Examiner’s office said that Champion died of ‘blunt force trauma sustained during a hazing incident.’

The article doesn’t really say how or why it went this far, but its sad. I never understood the need to brutalize new recruits to any sort system or group. Certainly don’t understand why such practices might entail death.

Hey, but not a “Gun Death” because antis keep Campuses Gun Free, and we can see how well that works.

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  1. Kristopher says:

    ( I ) Certainly don’t understand why such practices might entail death.

    Because kids don’t have fully formed brains until they are in their mid-twenties, and if you allow them to socialize without supervision by adults, they always form “Lord of the Flies” style thugocracies.

    Teenagers are children with nearly adult bodies, and are bloody dangerous, and they all think they are 10 feet tall and bullet proof.

    The military likes using them for exactly that reason … and they keep them under strong discipline specifically to prevent that kind of shit.

  2. Firehand says:

    Because a lot of fraternity assholes like abusing people, and can generally get away with it.

    Neighbor I used to have, her son damn near died of alcohol poisoning in a fraternity hazing. Granted, he should have had brains enough to say “Fuck you” and walk out; doesn’t change that
    The practice was banned, but they did it anyway.
    They tried to cover it up.
    The university tried to ignore it, then cover for it when they couldn’t ignore it.
    His mom was treated like crap for ‘causing problems for the Univeristy.’

    • Kristopher says:

      Which is a good reason to encourage teens to join the military for a term.

      By the time they get out, they have been properly socialized, and would respond to a hazing attempt by kicking the would-be hazers little asses.

      They would also be more likely to have a goal in mind before starting college, instead of spending hundreds of thousands of borrowed dollars on a useless liberal arts degree.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Valid point the lot of them.

        That being said if my Weer’dlings get to High school (let alone college) without a solid idea where they’re heading in life, and that there are times where assholes need their ass kicked…well I’ve failed as a parent.

        Military turns lost causes into found causes, and make good kids better…but I turned out OK without service.

  3. Ruth says:

    Going into the military won’t build strength to kick the “would-be hazers little asses.” My friend, a retired marine told me about the case of a new military recruit that died of hazing. The biggest problem lies with the national fraternity and the university. They turn a blind eye to what goes on because it is all about money. The fraternity alumni contribute a lot of money to the university. There are hazing laws in almost every state but they are not enforced because the universities rarely report the crimes to the police. And if they do, they report it to their campus police. And who do the campus police work for? It is the university. Hazing will only stop when the penalty for hazing is having the perpetrator kicked out of college and serving time in prison, the university losing some of its government funding and its Greek Life employees fired, and the national fraternity paying a large financial penalty.

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