“Gun Death” Broken TV

Totally Senseless:

A New York City mother accused of beating her five-year-old son to death admitted that she lashed out at the child after he broke her TV while playing on his Wii video game console, according to prosecutors cited Tuesday in the New York Post…She is accused of beating her oldest child, Jamar Johnson, so badly that he suffered fatal injuries to his chest and stomach.

Initially, she said that she just meant to “pop” her son on the bottom, but over the course of five police interviews, she allegedly admitted she gave him more than just a routine spanking, prosecutors said.

Over a fucking TV! Also I wonder what the actual value of the TV was. When the Wii first came out people were showing that these things can happen, but seriously to kill somebody over?

Also “pop her son on the bottom”? No way that action can translate to a dead child without some ill intent.


h/t Bob

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  1. Bob S. says:

    Given how frequently issues like this occur; I should be shocked that the anti-rights cultists aren’t calling for licensing, psych testing, monthly/quarterly/yearly home visits etc.

    But I’m not; their hypocrisy know no boundaries.

    Do you see them calling for parenting classes to be required? Mandatory birth control until approved by the state?


    Given that a huge portion of criminals come from home with abysmal parenting; wouldn’t addressing that go a long way to reducing crime?

    But you won’t see them calling for it – yet. No, they (despite fervent denials) are interested in banning civilian ownership of firearms. Sparky’s comment at Snowflakes in Hell shows the truth of that.

    In the mean time, instead of doing something to address murders; they push more ineffective ‘gun control’ laws.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Remember “Progressives” have children and buy TVs et al. They can’t restrict rights THEY use.

      But Guns are Icky and they don’t own those things, so those restrictions are OK.

  2. Helena says:

    That’s so sad. We’re turning into animals. Or worse…

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