“Gun Death” Domestic Abuse

Many domestic abuse groups are against gun ownership, claiming that women are often shot by abusive spouses.

A 50-year-old man faces a murder charge in the fatal stabbing of a 43-year-old woman Thursday night at a Woodhaven apartment complex.

Bottom line if you are in an abusive relationship you are in a dangerous situation. GET OUT, because deadly violence is not dependent of if your abusive partner has a gun or not. You do NOT want to become one of my “Gun Death?” stories any more than you want to become a “Gun Death” story touted by the anti-rights bigots.

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  1. Blackhawk101 says:

    My sister was in a very physically abusive relationship with her now ex-husband. He became so used to hitting her that at the family July 4 party he closed fist punched her in the face because he felt that she got a beer for him “too slow”. Let’s just say he did not like the response when 3 of her brothers (myself and my bro’s Pat and Kevin) launched at him and gave him a massive beat down- they never showed at a family function again. She finally divorced him when he started beating up their 4 year old son.

    Anyway- my sister grew up in a gun owning family and had a CCW. She now tells us that the abuse began about 4 months after they were married and only AFTER he convinced her to get rid of all her guns. He said it was because he was not comfortable around them and that if she loved him she would get them out of the house. She now realizes what he meant was he was scared of how her guns are the great equalizer in domestic violence and feared if he started beating her that she would simply shoot him. She has vowed to never, ever be disarmed again especially by a so called loved one.

    SHe’s in therapy, got the kids 100% custody, and once again carries. Her ex has been arrested twice for violation of the protection order and she fears what he may do. He was stupid enough to leave a ranting threat against her and the kids on her cell phone. Sucky situation all around for her for the forseeable future but I’ve told her to dont hesitate to shoot- she worries about her kids growing up without a father and I’ve pointed out what about growing up at his hands without a mother?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Wow that’s a scary story, and I’m glad she got out on time.

      Also eerie about the guns. You know that’s in the lizard brain of most predators but for him to be sp orchestrated with his actions.

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