“Gun Death” Fanatic

There are times when one’s hobby goes vastly too far.

A Star Wars fanatic choked his Thai bride to death after she destroyed his prized collection of toys.

Rickie la Touche, 30, said his wife had damaged his treasured Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker memorabilia which he had been collecting since he was a child.

During a subsequent row he suffocated Pornpilai Srisroy, 28, before running off to his mother’s house to tell her what he had done.

The mother-of-one was later discovered dead on the couple’s bed covered with a duvet and pillow in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

Yep, she broke his toys so he killed her and his Mother.See update below -ed

Note this is in England which is one of those “Developed Nations” with very little “Gun Death”.

Of course “Guns are Bad News For Women”

h/t Bob

**UPDATE** According to this story It appears that maybe the author of the above news story was so inept that he made it sound like the creep’s mother was also murdered. Nope just one “Gun Death”.

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  1. Kay.Ess. says:

    Did he kill his mother too? Or was the Thai bride the “mother-of-one”?

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