“Gun Death” Gasoline

I tell this story often. One day I swung by the local gun shop and bought a 5lbs keg of smokeless powder for reloading. The shop owner asked to see my Massachusetts permit before he could take my credit card. Now if I tell this to people who are sheepish about gun rights will often say that sounds reasonable to them. Then I tell them that after I left the shop I drove across the street, swiped my card at a gas pump and filled my truck up with gasoline without seeing a living soul. Don’t think gasoline is dangerous?

A New York City man was arrested and charged with murder after allegedly burning an elderly woman to death inside her apartment building elevator over $2,000 he claims she owed him

Sounds like she hired him to do some work, and in the course of the work he stole from her, so she fired him….and he murdered her when she refused to square up the bill.

And with gasoline, a dangerous, toxic, and flammable substance that anybody can buy without a background check, age check, or even seeing a living soul.

How’s that for “Common Sense”?

As for the Hat Tip, lots of people sent this to me. Bubblehead Les, Barron, and Whipped Cream Difficulties, Zercool, Wallphone, and George.

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  1. Good going Weer’d. Now some smartass little wag like M@%$@#$@% is going to bring up the reasonable gasoline control laws they have in New Jersey! 😉

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I used to work and travel through Jersey quite frequently. Nothing like making a car ride from Maine to Jersey and having to wait FOREVER for the loser Ex-con to get out of the attendant booth to take my credit card and swipe it through the same automatic gas pump I’d been running myself in every other damn state.

      My Mom hates to pump her own gas so she’ll always go to the full-service pumps, I hate having other people pump my gas so I always go to the Self-Service. New Jersey hates freedom and removes the choice for zero benefit. Its exactly like their stance on guns….well except you’re not going to get burned in a gasoline fire ever, no matter how many miles you drive, but you are VERY likely to get shot in New Jersey.

  2. Dwight Brown says:

    Thanks, Weer’d.

    I think one of the reasons I got so worked up over this is that burning to death strikes me as a particularly awful way to go, on my personal scale.

    That, and the whole image of this elderly woman cowering defenseless while someone sprayed her with gasoline, because the City of New York and Michael Bloomberg have decided that she can’t be trusted with a tool she could use to defend herself.

    (“Don’t think gasoline is dangerous?” Indeed. I’ve brought this up before, but: Happy Land Social Club, anyone?)

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