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So over at Joan’s Place there was this exchange. It was lead by commenter Anthony talking about this story.

Witnesses told police a man in his 20’s walked into the store and placed a hard object into the back of a female employee. The suspect then forced the victim to the office area where another employee shot him in the face.

The suspect was taken to Wishard Hospital in serious condition, but later died. His identity has not been released pending notification of family.

Joan Responded with this: “Hard to tell how this would have turned out without the robber being shot.”

Anthony goaded her on with” “You are right he might have donated the money to charity and reformed his life. Is there some good thing that could have happened when this apparent armed robber took the cashier to a office?”

Joan’s answer is what is the most telling: “Nothing good. Perhaps just a robbery.”

Not really enough is given in the report, we don’t know what the “Hard object was” but at the time everybody suspected it was a gun, and certainly whatever it was it was being wielded with threat of violence. I’m not sure if there was a safe he wanted opened, or if he had already gone for the cash in the register, or what. It also could be he wanted some place private to rape or kill her.

Either way Joan shows her desire to coddle the most violent among us and demand those of us who do good in life yeild to those with no ill intent.

On that note, Joan wrote a tribute to her dead sister on the Brady Campaign Website.

This tribute is to my sister, Barbara Lund. On Aug. 5, 2012, it will 20 years since her estranged husband shot her to death in a moment of rage and depression during a contentious divorce. It was so unexpected since my now deceased ex brother-in-law fit the description of someone who one would not have thought could shoot someone. I have found that that is often the case in domestic shootings. It can happen to anyone.

Really, rather than a tribute to her sister, she seems to be paying excellent tribute to her dead Brother In Law, Russell Lund Jr, an abusive husband with mental illness, a raging temper, and who was constantly evading serious criminal actions, with the help of a corrupt Police Chief.

Go read Sean’s post and see if that sounds like the description of somebody who could never be violent. Joan can never look at what she did wrong, nor will she admit that it was a violent, mentally ill man who killed her sister, because she feels compelled to blame the guns, and if she needs to disrespect her dead sister to do that, she will. Also her statement that “It can happen to anyone” is also false. Her sister was in an abusive relationship, and even had a restraining order against her husband but she continued to make contact with him. I’ve said this before, if you are in an abusive relationship GET OUT! Living with an abuser will always escalate to worse and more brazen behavior. It doesn’t ALWAYS end in murder, but if you don’t want to be murdered by your spouse DO NOT LIVE IN THE SAME HOME AS AN ABUSER! When you do what Barbara Lund did, and move out and get a restraining order STAY AWAY! Protection orders do NOTHING but give you a legal edge, and do NOTHING if you go and meet with your abuser, or if they decide to come looking for you. ALWAYS backup a protection order with a defensive weapon, preferably a firearm. The protection order does NOTHING but protect you in court if you have to kill your attacker.

Now on the other hand, good people can do what the grocery store employee did. Carry a gun, and carry it to defend the lives of the good people you hold dear. Can you imagine how he would have felt if he had left his gun at home, or locked in his car that day, and his co-worker was raped and/or murdered, and possibly others harmed in the process?

Meanwhile there is one violent criminal who will never hurt another person, and possibly other criminals who now factor “Getting shot in the face” as one of the risks of their current vocation, and may plan to seek alternate means of subsistence.

Carry your guns, its a lighter burden than regret!

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  1. Ah the old saw “we don’t KNOW that he would have killed her”.

    1). Anyone who knows anything about crime will tell you that once you let an armed attacker remove you from the primary contact area (the cash register/front of store/wherever it was) to a secondary location (the office), your chances of survival go WAY down. Generally, criminals want in and out. If they take the time to move you, they are there for more than the quick score of some cash and a clean escape. That doesn’t guarantee that they will kill, but it indicates that it is much more likely.

    2) In spite of the fact that I wrote #1 first, the real important thing is that the miscreant was threatening a person’s life. Here in America, we have the right to defend ourselves and others. It takes a morally bankrupt person to take the side of a criminal who was threatening a persons life over the side of a law abiding citizen who defends that life. Regardless of that person’s views on guns, knives, sticks of butter, cute little puppies, or anything else that is relevant or irrelevant to the situation.

    Joan has shown time and time again with her words that she would rather good people be killed by violent criminals than for a single law abiding citizen to have the means to defend himself/herself and/or others. One wonders if she would include herself or her family in this (if given the choice) or if she would rather die or have a family member killed than be defended by a law abiding citizen with a gun.


    • Pyrotek85 says:

      “Ah the old saw ‘we don’t KNOW that he would have killed her’.”

      She seems obsessed with us making guarantees. If we took the criminal at their word when they threaten you, then yes. But if you thought the criminal is lying about harming you, then why would you trust them? Can she guarantee that he wouldn’t have killed her?

  2. George says:

    I just registered I have an idea for a project…

  3. Wally says:

    “now deceased ex brother-in-law fit the description of someone who one would not have thought could shoot someone. ”

    It all makes sense. He couldn’t possibly have done it, and she cannot admit that he was a baddie despite every sign in the book. A firearm and its magic power possessed the poor upstanding lad.

  4. I keep saying that she must have known. They all must have known. Instead of accepting responsibility for their failures, they are intent on blaming anything, ANYTHING, other then themselves. It wasn’t them, it was the GUN! They didn’t fail, society failed them.

  5. While we are on the subject. I have also always wondered if Joan really believes that her sister would still be alive if somehow, magicly, her killer was unable to procure a firearm. Really, killing someone with a bat, a knife, a tire-iron, or any of a million other every-day items. In combat training in the Marines we had a class on improvised weapons. Trust me when i say that deadly weapons surround us every minute of the day, every day of our lives. Guns? Meh… sure they are more efficient, but they are far from a required item when one is bent upon committing murder.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      If she does its PURE denial. She’s read the “Gun Death?” Files, and if she still supports Gun Control and uses the metric of “Gun Death” its either denial or evil.

      Given that she’s used her sister’s spilled blood to push countless laws and agenda items that had NOTHING to do with her, my vote is evil.

  6. bredafallacy says:

    I like that last line especially.

  7. Jack says:

    I’ve said it on other blog posts but this is one of the 2 Krogers near where I live.

    I’ve been in that Kroger several times. Often at 6PM.

    Carry your damn guns.

    If you think you can “tell” when you’ll need a gun ahead of time look at this example: suburban grocery store, early evening.

    At the very least I’ve been carrying my guns and have made it a point to not go condition white.

  8. Suz says:

    Stunning followup on the local news tonight: Kroger is investigating the employee’s action and will wait until next week to take action, possibly including “a change in company policy.” THEY HAVEN’T FIRED HIM YET! I recommend flooding Kroger’s headquarters with e-mails in the meantime.

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