“Gun Death” Hidden Pregnancy

Wow, this is a rough one.

A Dutch woman received a maximum 12-year prison sentence Tuesday for smothering her four newborns in an effort to conceal her pregnancies and keep up the appearance of being a perfect daughter.

The woman, identified only as Sietske H. in line with Dutch privacy laws, was arrested last year after the babies’ decomposed bodies were discovered in four suitcases in the attic of her house. They were born between 2003 and 2009….She claimed she did not want anyone to know she was pregnant and managed to conceal all four pregnancies, even from the father, before killing the newborns.

WTF??? This story pisses me off so much. So she got pregnant and concealed it from her family, and when the baby was born she murdered it. She then proceeded to hop back on the cock and repeated the same grizzly process THREE MORE TIMES!!!!111!!

On top of all this sick fuckery she’s only getting 12 year for this mass murder?

You can’t fix this kind of dangerous crazy, I’m sure given that this is the Netherlands she’ll be out soon to commit more crimes.

h/t Bob

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  1. Bob S. says:

    Abortion is legal in the Netherlands so please explain why she didn’t just slip off to a clinic and have the pregnancy terminated legally?

  2. alcade says:

    I heard awhile back that women in the UK who kill their babies within one year of birth cannot be charged directly with murder. It’s a manslaughter charge since they have a possibility of emotional disturbances related to their horomones.

    I suppose since they have such smaller brains they cannot be left to their own devices.


  3. Kim Du Toit’s old “Red Curtain Of Blood” does not even begin to describe how I feel about this one. As a father, I can’t even begin to imagine how entirely soulless one would have to be to smother the life from just one newborn. Never mind three more and live in a house while you children’s bodies decompose in your attic.

    May her parents find peace at the loss of four grandchildren they will never know.

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