“Gun Death” Hit-and-Run

Those who use the metric of “Gun Death” also use cars in their day-to-day lives. Therefore cars can’t be compared to guns. The Gun is Different because the gun is different!

Police believe the boy’s uncle, Rodolfo Pichardo, 21, who lived at the same house, backed an SUV out of the driveway, ran over the child, then stopped for a short time. The man then got back into the SUV along with a second uncle, Rodrigo Pichardo, 24, who also lives at the Hinman Street home, and the pair drove away.

Wow, takes a stone-cold asshole to drive away from your own flesh and blood run down from their own negligence. And would it have been worse if the kid had been shot because of his uncle’s negligent gun handling?


h/t Chiefjaybob

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