“Gun Death” Knife and Vet

A sad tale.

There was never a question of who killed James Stropas, a decorated Army sergeant and Iraq war veteran.

Sean Burton did it.

He stabbed Stropas more than 70 times in the parking lot of a Delaware County shopping center with an 8-inch butcher knife.

What a waste. Now I ask all who use the metric of “Gun Death”: would this be worse if he had used a gun vs. the Butcher Knife?

h/t Mike W.

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  1. Sean Casey says:

    This made me pretty sick. As a Marine combat vet, I can imagine this fella’s state of mind back in CONUS; safe, secure, the big PX!, a new lady in his life and then this sick sum’ bitch comes out of the woodwork. But I also know that I have never really lost my sense of situational awareness. It has always been there, simmering as it were, in my reptilian mind, the sixth sense earned and edged under fire staying with me.

    I wish this lad could’ve been armed and aware, we’d’ve read a different tale.

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