Afternoon Irony

Just thought I’d share. The USS Constitution is legally a Federal Building, so the carrying of firearms is a federal felony on board. Ironic given its namesake.

Thankfully the neighboring museum and the USS Cassin Young are just National Parks, so I had plenty to do.

Good times.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Well, actually, she is still considered an Active part of the Fleet, unlike other Historical Ships out there. So, technically, the DOD and Navy Rules apply. When I was in, any Civilian trying to get aboard my Command with a Firearm (unless Pre-Approved, like NIS/NCIS) gave me the responsibility to respond with Deadly Force, if necessary, and use my issued weapon for Topside Security (usually a 1911a1) and prevent such entry. But this was the R.O.E. under Reagan, and I don’t know what the Anointed One has sent down the Chain of Command. But it’s probably “Harsh Words Only,” knowing those Idiots in D.C.

  2. HlynkaCG says:

    To be strictly accurate the USS Constitution is actually a US Military Installation. Therefore you could carry as long as you you were a DOD employee or had a note from the OIC.

  3. HlynkaCG says:

    Oops, Les beat me to it.

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