“Gun Death” Massachusetts Weekend

We had this story last week (more here detailing the weapons as a knife and a hammer to kill Mom, Sister, and Mom’s Boyfriend, and showing his mental and legal problems). This weekend we had a glut of stories suitable for “Gun Death?” Files, but I just thought I’d share them in one big glut as they’re all from my state.

We have this similar case here.

A Danvers man was ordered held without bail this afternoon after pleading not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder in the death of his father.

Stephen Anastasi, 24, struck his father John, 60, in the back of the head three times with a hammer as the older man was eating lunch on Friday, he allegedly told investigators.

More hammers? Why would ANYBODY OWN A HAMMER!??!! Remember good “Progressives” hired licensed, bonded, and insured contractors if they need to hammer nail to hang a picture!

But what about Cars? “Progressives” have cars…they hate when we compare them to guns.

A Norton man is accused of pinning his mother between two vehicles with his truck after she tried to break up an argument between her son and his girlfriend….”The defendant deliberately tried to kill her by hitting the truck on the side she was sitting on. She came into police with blood from her facial area,” prosecutors said.

Dumont’s mother, who suffered minor injuries, told NBC 10 at court that she wants her son to go straight to a hospital to be treated for drug abuse.

Odd that gun control proponants only seem to be concerned with “Gun Crime”, and such horrible cases aren’t a concern of theirs.

Its like they aren’t concerned about safety at all!

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  1. McThag says:

    I just realized. I have a hammer arsenal out in the tool-box.

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