HR 822 Meltdown

Wow, I’m just floored by this Post. If you’re interested to see an anti-rights advocate in full meltdown you need to read that. Essentially the House passed HR 822 by a wide margin, so she’s decided to tell every anti-gun story she knows as if somehow that’s relevant. Here is but an except.

There is simply no other way to put this. The NRA and the gun rights extremists can be rude and unreasonable. Rude is hardly the word to describe some of the comments I have received here. They are downright obnoxious, inappropriate, and uncouth….There were a lot of claims about concealed carry permit holders and the inconvenience of not being able to carry their guns into every state in the nation. I’ll tell them about inconvenience. My family was inconvenienced when we had to plan a funeral for my sister, shot to death on an August day.

Huh? Your sister was murdered by a psychopath who was in-and-out of jail and subject to a restraining order, killed her at his home with illegally possessed guns. You talk about the press being at your sister’s funeral. The reason is because Russell Lund was a household name involved in many crimes and known for bizarre behavior and violent outbursts.

You somehow equate that (and your other stories) with the simple fact that my Massachusetts carry permit is one of the more difficult permits to get in the country, yet as soon as I cross the border into any of my neighboring states suddenly I can no longer legally carry there. Who’s the rude one? Your sister’s death has NOTHING to do with myself, the NRA, or anybody who supports gun rights. Meanwhile YOU knew your sister was married to an abusive and violent man and you allowed her to interact with him. That red stuff on your hands, Joan? Yeah that’s blood.

And of course she rattles off a bunch of other Joyce Foundation boiler plate, all of it irrelevant to everybody but here, and all of it having exactly ZERO to do with concealed carry.

At least Baldr had some sense to cite Concealed Carry killers (note another Joyce worker citing a Joyce study. The only reality they need is the reality they pay for!) But its already been exposed just how valid those numbers are.

Again, contact your Senators, if this is the best argument against this bill our opponents have, then we sure better do our best to make it pass the Senate as well.

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  1. Pyrotek85 says:


    While HR822 probably won’t pass this time around, it’s certainly going to make them squirm, which will provide for hours of entertainment.

    I just can’t wrap my head around why she thinks we should ‘cooperate’ or be ‘reasonable’ just because there are victims. I’m not going to apologize for the bad things other people do.

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  3. Linoge says:

    I continue to have mixed feelings about the bill, however, watching the anti-rights cultists come unglued over it is pretty damned hysterical.

    Well, hysterical apart from the absolutely despicable attempts to conflate nutbag murderers with law-abiding, background-checked, trained American citizens. Joan would not know how to identify, much less make, a logical argument if it reached up and slapped her upside the head.

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