“Gun Death” Near Decapitation

Brutal one from Fort Worth.

Fort Worth police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a 40-year-old man attacked early this morning in his driveway.

Police responded to a call in the 2600 block of Pollard Street shortly after 2 a.m. and found the man nearly decapitated in the street.

Yikes, sounds pretty brutal. But no gun was used, so no “Gun Death”. I guess we can ignore this one, right?

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  1. Bob S. says:

    As Sean said, murder is rarely the first crime

    Thompson and the woman married in December 1996. Tarrant County court records show that he was charged in 2002 with assaulting her. The case was dismissed in October 2003 after Thompson completed one year of deferred-adjudication probation.

    Last April, Thompson, a truck driver, was charged with assault with bodily injury, accused of striking the owner and an employee of National Transline Inc. Thompson worked for a subcontractor of the Arlington company.

    Owner Fredrick Mireri said Thompson had first attacked the employee, angry that the man would not pay him early. “By the time I got in there, [the employee] was already beat up pretty bad,” Mireri said. “I was trying to find out what was going on, and he started going after me.”

    That case has not gone to trial.

    Read more: http://www.star-telegram.com/2011/01/29/2807465/tyler-man-arrested-in-utah-in.html#ixzz1CfZOjZMm

    1 year deferred adjudication for assault.
    Assault last year but the case hasn’t gone to trial —- how many times does a person have to be in police custody before they put him away?

    Time and time again we see that the police & courts have a chance to put criminals in jail and keep them there before they murder.
    Time and time again the system fails to do that.

    But let’s not mention that — let’s just blame the knife, eh

  2. Firehand says:

    Years back I read that the Indiana State Police chief had ordered a bunch of dictionaries, one to be placed on each desk that the officers used to write their reports; said he never again wanted to read of a foot being decapitated.

    No relation to the post, it just made me think of this

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