Misplaced Guilt

Linoge pointed me to another great comment from Roberta X over at Joe’s

As for Japete, guys, let’s remember that Jared Loughner was obviously going whacko for over four years and people around him were either in denial or felt it was someone else’s problem.

We should all know by now that Joan’s sister was shot by her estranged husband. Its also public knowledge that her husband was a first-rate dirtbag, who was likely quite mentally disturbed.

How many holidays and get-togethers did Joan sit across the dinner table or parlor from Russell Lund and totally get the creeps? Did she see him mistreating her sister or her kids? From what I read Mr. Lund was all over the local news for his alleged criminal activities. Also was she unaware that the millionaire was constantly being picked up for shoplifting?

At any point did she try and say something? When she got the horrible news, I’m sure she was surprised, but was she TOTALLY caught flat footed?

Then there’s Mike Bonomo (302000) Who openly admits to ignoring gun laws, all while claiming that MORE gun laws are EXACTLY what we need. Of course he moderates any comments that ask how the laws might have stopped him from breaking the law, or any questions for clarifications on how and why he criminally owned guns. He talks about his faith in gun control despite him being living proof of why we should NEVER trust gun regulations to disarm the bad people. He talks about “Gun Flow” from legal channels to the criminals, but he doesn’t want to discuss how HE got HIS guns illegally, nor does he say where his guns ended up when he left for Italy.

Think he might be able to shed some light on how criminals get guns? Anybody curious why he’s so closed-lipped about his criminal ownership? Maybe he was doing more than just criminally OWNING guns, maybe not, who knows….

Not quite as damning as above, but it came to mind is Michael Bannerman (the Lawyer who owns a Dog named Laci) has this interesting forum thread. Seems he’s talking about negligent discharges, and talks about an ND with an 8mm blank-firing PPK (Why??) where he obviously mishandled the gun…and then blames the gun for the ND.

Seems they like to point fingers at OTHERS, and blame guns for their own life mistakes.

I won’t give an inch to people this dysfunctional.

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  1. They make a little gun shape with their fingers and point at us.

    One finger points at us. How many point at them?

  2. Eck! says:

    Having read this and the book there is one conclusion that I can arrive at. Japete is a liar.
    To know this and not be honest about it is four finger fraud.


  3. Chad says:

    It makes me wonder sometimes, have these people ever had a real job? If they have, how on earth did they manage to keep it while being so disassociated from reality?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      They seem to, tho I can’t speak for Joan, but she’s eluded to some sort of education job, which judging by some of my old teachers and Liberal Art’s professors, that isn’t too much of an obstruction.

  4. Blackhawk101 says:

    And another thing- until I read that comment at Joe’s I didnt realize that her sister was sleeping around on her husband. Now I know that many people find out their spouse is doing the horizontal boink with someone else but most just go through a divorce. However, it has been well proven through the ages that some people completely lose it and end up killing one or both offending parties (i.e. crimes of passion).

    SO I would like to point out to Joan that if her sister kept her legs crossed and divorced this Mr Lund that she might still be alive (though it is possible the same result could have occurred if he was truly unhinged).

    ANyway- instead of blaming the gun how about we blame Mr Lund for most of it and her sister for some of it?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I can’t really comment on that aspect. The murder victims were her sister and her boyfriend, and she was still legally married at the time. That being said all adultery is not equal IMHO. They were separated, she had a protection order out on him, and they lived in separate locations, and of course they were undergoing divorce proceedings (She was killed while attempting to serve him papers). Maybe she was sleeping around while they were together, maybe this happened only after they parted ways.

      Of course when serving papers when there is a protection order, use a goddamned constable, its what they’re there for!

      • Blackhawk101 says:

        Ahhh… you know more about it then I did so I withdraw my previous statement. WHat I read at Joe’s made it sound like he came home and found them in bed or something.

        Thanks for the clarification.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          Yeah go read the link to Sean’s blog where he dissects the chapter written about her murderous and suicidal brother-in-law. It was a long-running problem that on many steps the law was ignored and avoided that culminated in two dead bodies and a crazy man taking his life in a mental hospital.

          The anti-rights people claim that more laws will stop this, but this guy did not view the law as something that applied to him (and his Police Chief friend made sure that was the actual truth) and the family and friends either looked the other way, or somehow put an unreasonable trust in the law to keep the horrible acts that transpired from happening.

  5. As I’ve said before.

    It saddens me that a woman whose sister was murdered by a rich white man is working so very hard to disarm poor blacks and Hispanics.

    She knows that she is guilty. She sat and did nothing while this guy abused his wife. Instead of doing something when it would have been useful, she is now attacking us because the tool the guy used was a gun. Instead of locking the barn door after the horses have escaped, she is demanding that the neighbors take down their electric fence so that they can lose their horses too.

    I can only hope that someone who loves her is reading what she writes and is planning on staging an intervention. She is in serious need of a few months at a caring facility for the mentally deranged.

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  7. mike w. says:

    Wow, so Bannerman has more than one ND and blames the gun for each one!?

    No wonder he’s anti-gun. If he had checked to make sure they were unloaded and had kept his damn finger off the trigger neither incident would’ve occurred.

    • Patrick says:

      Yeah, I like how he continues to say he took every precaution but says that he only pulled the slide back a few times. Not once did he check the chamber to see if a round was in it.

      The rest of what he has to say is irrelevant. It seems to me that he thinks people are drawing for any reason as opposed to one involving deadly force. If deadly force is being deployed, how am I not better to try and stop it? I am certainly not thinking of jail or wrongful death if I’m about to lose my life. Let me survive this and then worry about what comes after!

      • Linoge says:

        Not once did he check the chamber to see if a round was in it.


        It does not matter how many times you cycle the slide if the extractor is borked, or if the round is just jammed that tightly in the chamber. “Demonstrate clear” always consists of racking the slide, locking it back, and visually and physically checking the chamber to ensure no round remains.

        Anyone who blames a firearm for an ND and did not ensure his firearm was safe and clear is a full-bore idiot… but, then again, we are talking about Bannerman here.

        In other news, why the hell does he have a blank-firing handgun? I mean, I am certainly not going to stop anyone from owning whatever they want, but it seems an odd thing for a dyed-in-the-wool hoplophobe to have.

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