“Gun Death” Shovel

We need to be mindful about the accessibility of deadly assault weapons in America!

A father is speaking out after a 17-year-old killer was sentenced to 23 years in prison for beating the man’s teenage son to death with a shovel…According to the criminal complaint, James Grant was beaten with a shovel as part of a gang initiation by two other teens.

And you know this little angel will be out LONG before those 23 years. This one gets the “Bad Justice” tag as well. I’d put my lunch money on that this guy will be walking the streets in his 30s. Now here’s the question for those of you with REAL common sense. Who would you rather share a bus seat with: #1. A Law Abiding citizen carrying a handgun with “High Capacity Clips” or #2. This creep with a 2″ Swiss army knife in his pocket?

h/t MaddMedic

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