A Little More on Valentine’s Day

So when the wife and I were first dating we did the whole Valentine’s Day thing. Candy and Flowers, heading out to a restaurant, maybe a Movie.

But let’s face it Going to restaurant on Valentine’s day SUCKS. You need reservations, and it’ll be crowded and likely understaffed. Flowers are kickass, but they cost more on that day, and your selection is less diverse. And I dig on candy, but the traditional Valentine’s sampler is 5 chocolates you like interspersed with 15 ones you don’t much care for.

I personally didn’t give a shit, and I’d say that’s true for most guys. She liked the hoopla that comes with dating somebody, but the catch was she didn’t like it when a “tradition” was started, she preferred a little bit of a surprise.

So some years I really had my shit together and she had a great Valentine’s day, and other years I’d not be on my A-Game and it would suck. No matter what I’d be nervous and work my ass off and not have a good time.

We we decided to not bother with Valentine’s day. Now there’s a romantic catch, I do still buy my wife gifts, flowers, and take her out to eat, just NOT on February 14th. Makes things less of a pain in the ass for everybody, and she will ALWAYS be surprised.

LOVE it, and I LOVE her.

So hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s day!

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  1. falnfenix says:

    Chris kindof has it easy…i never used to celebrate it since it’s my mom’s birthday. nowadays, i’m tolerant (and appreciative, even…) of his indulgences, as long as there isn’t much money spent.

    this year? he made dinner sunday (stew, which always tastes better the second day) and bought me a little bouquet from the girl on the street corner on his way home from work, and i made him a card and cleaned the kitchen. was it fitting of the marketing of the holiday? not in the least…but it certainly made us happy.

  2. mike w. says:

    Good post. V-day is a dumb, consumerist driven holiday anyway. You should be doing nice things for her whenever the mood strikes, not stressing about one day that has no real significance in the relationship.

    It was just another day for me. I didn’t do anything special for myself or for anyone else. Take that cupid! Oh yeah, and gun beats arrow!

  3. D2k says:

    Made some excellent salmon with the girlfriend, also double chocolate brownies 😀

    I really prefer to do a special dinner at home, we both are decent cooks and going out to restaurants on busy days is not fun.

    Oh and I made her some copper wire hearts, hadn’t done anything with wire in a while so they didn’t all come out as nice as I would have liked, but it was fun.

  4. deadcenter56 says:

    The wife deliberately chose NOT to have the wedding on Feb 14th, but the next weekend. Hence we rarely do anything for the 14th other than maybe a special little gift or something, (she got a Maglula magazine loader this year for her H&K) choosing instead to wait for another 7 days to celebrate. It has worked well for the last 25 years……

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