“Gun Death” Totem

Maddmedic sent me this one in an email entitled “Weird One”. Boy he wasn’t kidding!

Carl Muggli told police that his wife, Linda, was crushed to death in November when the totem pole they were carving accidentally fell on her.

But now police say it was murder…

On Dec. 27, sheriff’s deputies and a BCA agent went to the Muggli home in an effort to re-create the circumstances of the death as Carl Muggli had outlined, according to the complaint. Five times the officers tried and failed to make the completed 17-foot-tall totem pole come out of the cradle as Carl Muggli said had occurred.

The complaint added that on May 30, the woman in Alabama told the sheriff’s chief deputy that she was on the phone with Muggli on the day of his wife’s death and heard him arguing with her about getting a divorce.

The woman said he called back 30 minutes later, telling her there had been an accident and medical personnel were trying to save his wife.

It doesn’t say what the murder weapon actually was (or if indeed it was the Totem Pole that was rigged to fall) but I would say this certainly isn’t a “Gun Death” as I suspect Police would have noticed bullet holes.

There are anti-rights people who claim that somehow guns cause domestic violence as a means to strip innocent people of their rights. If you LIVE with somebody who wants to end your life there is NOTHING that is going to save you, as there are a million ways to kill a person, especially when you killer can easily get into your personal space, or prepare your food and drink.

This story is no different. Ban guns, you may lower “Gun Death”, but does it make a difference to you if you were shot, or if you were beaten to death?

That’s why I run this series!

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