“Gun Death” Hockey Fans

Seriously its a sports game. I’m glad the Bean-Town Bears won the big game, and its kinda cool that it was US of A verses Soviet Kanukistan…but in the end its a children’s game being played by well-compensated adults. I’m a capitalist so if they make money from people who like to watch people square off an play a game where’s the harm? What really gets me scratching my head is when people start burning their own city over a game.

Of course I must take a cup of smugness over this bullshit being done in the “Enlightened” “Progressive” nation of Canada. I mean this is the nation that those who use the bullshit metric of “Gun Death” want for us all. Go over there and look at the warzone that the commies have made over a damn game.

Two I feel like selecting are these:

Also appears than Vancouver isn’t a stranger to this shit.

See also Chicago and Detroit.

Guess what Kiddies, it isn’t guns, its PEOPLE!

**UPDATE** “There were reports of several stabbing incidents, but no deaths”. I’ve heard there has been one death, but no confirmation yet. “Gun Death” indeed.

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  2. Tam says:

    Huh. So that’s what a Canadian rioter looks like.

    I was expecting something like an extra from a Cypress Hill video, bandanna over his face as he waves a Glock with one hand and flashes gang signs with the other, and instead I get the star of an unauthorized Hong Kong remake of Harry Potter waving a hockey stick.

    Dude, that’s just sad.

  3. Nomen Nescio says:

    sports will do that to some certain subgroups of people. sports have been doing this to people since, at least, the chariot races in ancient Rome. (they had some wild gang riots over those. reds versus blues.) see also, most any college town here in the USA.

    i forget when Ann Arbor, MI last burned itself down, but IIRC it was over a basketball game. that i think the local team had won, no less. it’ll happen again, sure as sunrise.

  4. How about instead of “gun death”, they use “murder-death-kill”. ala “Demolition Man”

  5. Underground Carpenter says:

    Well, at least the kid was wearing his safety glasses. TigerMom at least managed to impress upon the lad “Safety First.”


    • Weerd Beard says:

      LOL, I think those are hipster specs not safety glasses…tho they probably did keep the eyes of Mr. Middle-class Anarchist safe from the glass he was smashing with his hockey stick.

      Also bringing a Hockey stick to a game viewing? Seriously what’s the worst that could happen? LOL!

  6. CTone says:

    That’s a teeny little dude. Maybe the US should start sending sandwiches to Canada, since we feed the rest of the world and all. Considering that they’re our neighbor, we should give them double rations, too.

  7. Miguel says:

    I don’t get sports violence. Unless you sold the house and put a kidney on hock for a bet, I cannot see the point of being so irate that you must destroy somebody’s property.

    The Miami Heat got his ass handed over at the NBA finals and we did not have this kind of violence…. then again when you live in a city where the smallest shop is owned by a crazy bastard armed with at least a machete and a .38, people tend to be a tad more peaceful in their response to a losing team.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s exactly it. The punk with the stick? The worst he has to worry about is Tigermom at home whuppin’ his obnoxious ass.

      Somebody starts smashing my property with a stick in the middle of an angry mob, shots are going to be fired. They don’t have to worry about such things in Canada, and because of that you have to worry about Police cars being burned in the streets.

      I’ll stick to living here!

  8. Miguel says:

    It should read: “The Miami Heat got its ass handed over at the NBA finals”

    Damn ESOL…. it didn’t take all the way.

  9. TBeck says:

    If I had to caption the photo of the young rioter, it would be “Got any petrol?”

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