“Gun Death” Where’s the Beef

Everybody, make a point to eat a cow!

Iowa — A woman has died after being attacked by a cow on her farm.

She was feeding the cows and one of them decided it was time to fight the power. BTW another reason to carry ALL the time. I suspect the cow didn’t kill her immediately, and an old woman vs. a massive bovine is no fair fight, but add a farmer with even a .380 and the playing field gets better. Knew somebody in school who dispatched his own beef with a .357 Magnum, so that might be my go-to.

Just because they’re “Domesticated” doesn’t mean they’re safe.

h/t Whipped Cream Difficulties

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  1. alcade says:

    A farmer friend of mine was recently attacked by one of his cows. Luckily he survived, though he was a little worse for wear.

    It advanced on him and he tripped when backing away. It ground it’s head into him while he lay in a fetal position.

    He came away with only a broken pair of glasses.

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