High As a KITE

Wow, that’s just hilarious! Don’t do drugs kids…but if you DO do drugs, do it in front of a camera so I can watch it! 😀

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  1. Will Brown says:

    Never thought I’d have anything good to say about the scumbag (either of them in this particular instance), but Alex Jones actually manages to offer some honest entertainment for once.

  2. ZerCool says:

    Can’t watch/listen to the whole thing because, in truth, I don’t give a ratfuck.

    But the first bit that I listened to makes me wonder if there is more than alcohol/drugs at play here. The phrasing, sentence structure, rambling, repeating … it reminds me very clearly of some of the mentally unbalanced that I’ve dealt with.

    I’m no doctor and I can’t make that diagnosis, but I can wonder.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      He definitely sounds Manic, but I wonder how much of that is stimulants. Chuck is big on the booger-sugar and all that.

      I dunno about Amelio, but Charlie and Martin are both wealthy narcissistic marxist-progressives which is not a sane position.

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